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Temporary Belfry Closure.

The Belfry will be closed to members and visitors from Saturday 18th January to Sunday 26th January due to refurbishment. During this period there will be no access to the premises. Alternative arrangements should be made with the Shepton or Wessex clubs.

These refurbishments to the hut are to improve the standards therein.  Ideas for alterations were taken from members who expressed a willingness to participate in the work.

The hut floor is to be coated throughout with a tough epoxy resin designed to withstand farmyard conditions.  (Which is probably quite appropriate given the number of 'animals' there are in the BEC .. !!!)

The aim is to improve the general atmosphere of the hut by joining the two bunkrooms into one and including alpine style bunks in order to increase the bed capacity.  In the past we have lost bookings as there have been insufficient bed spaces available and thus we have been unable to accommodate. Three single bunks will remain for those that do not wish to sleep in the alpine bunks.

Finally the club now possesses a spin dryer which extracts most of the water from wet kit.  This will be installed in the changing room. We hope these measures together with the planned alterations to the kitchen will make the hut more welcoming and successful in 1997 and beyond.