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Hello again, and a happy new year to one and all.

Well the cold weather is here again and Mendip has been rather quiet of late, of course that might have something to do with everyone being skint after Christmas though.  So consequently there's not a lot of news or gossip.

Congratulations go to Trevor Hughes and his new wife Kate, who were married on 21.12.96.  The event (??) was well attended by the caving fraternity and everybody got drunk what a surprise.  A brave woman it is indeed to attempt to tame the 'Biffo' good luck Kate.

As you will see from the previous page I have now moved to South Yorkshire (Gurney Slade in fact) and can be reached at that address.  I am also contactable via email..... as is the club, as those of you who surf the web will already know.

I am currently writing a BEC page for the WEB so that we will be visible via internet.  The Wessex beat us to it unfortunately, but what with all the revamping etc ... we will have something worthwhile to put up there.

Once again I am short of material for the BB and any contributions would be welcomed.  I recently heard a rumour that people are unwilling to supply articles as they feel that they are over edited.  I would just like to state that this is not the case, the greatest lengths I have ever been to is to correct speleling and grand mar when it are dun rong!!!  Given that as usual nobody says anything to me, I can only take this with a pinch of salt, but please rest assured it is not the case.

Jeff Price informs me that there is to be a regular series of 'led' club trips.  These will be publicised in the BB and also posted at the Belfry.  The Committee would encourage any members, particularly newer ones, to participate in these events.  A common complaint is that the BEC never goes caving .... just digging. (Okay okay I know we are an exploration club and all that. .. but we can still go caving.)

Alex Gee has now moved to the area, the latest in a long line of 'immigrants' to Mendip .... who'll be next we wonder. I believe he has set up camp in the Library at present! ! ! ! ! !! (NOT!!)

Guess that's it for now ..... see Y'all around ..... Jingles.