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Belfry Bulletin Editors Report.

This year has been an interesting one for me in my capacity as editor and committee member.

I have had difficulty with the distribution of the BB for various reasons to do with time and professional commitments.  I owe a debt of gratitude to Mr 'N' the Hon. Sec. for taking on part of the distribution in addition to his own responsibilities ... Thank You Nigel.

I have done my best to catch up with the backlog, but if anyone is missing copies, please let me know, I have a small stash of spares.  My thanks also go to Dick-Fred for keeping me updated with the membership lists and to Tony Jarratt who has once again done a sterling job distributing the local copies.

There has been a good response from the membership with regard to articles, including much foreign stuff.  As I have always said, it is YOUR bulletin and it is only as good as the articles YOU write.

I have had a number of complaints from individuals who seem to think they should receive the BB regardless of whether they pay subs or not.  Some of these have been quite personal and although I do not wish to name people I’m afraid I have little sympathy.  If you want BBs ... pay your subs!!!

As I have come to expect, I have come in for an amount of criticism for the way I produce the journal and again have been surprised how personal some people are prepared to make their comments.  In one sense this is water off a duck's back but in another a little upsetting.  It seems that people forget that committee members don't get paid but give their time voluntarily.

There have also been the usual problems of members and committee members assuming that I will tailor publication deadlines to suit their ideas ..... dream on .... this is the real world and there are more people in it than just you. (Unless I've got it wrong and the world really does revolve around you .... but I don't think so!)

What has really irked me this year, though, is the criticism that has gone on behind my back from various souls.  My answer is, if you think you can do better - then put up or shut up!  Well now is your chance as I do not wish to edit the BB next year.

The main reason for this is that I do not know where my personal and professional life is going to take me in the next twelve months and I don't want to take on the BB if I can't guarantee providing the best service I can.  The editor’s post requires much time commitment and I don't know if I'll be able to do it this year.

Having said which, if there are no other viable takers I would be prepared to give it a go rather than leave the club in the lurch.  I also feel I would rather quit while I’m ahead, having held the post for three years and, in general, enjoyed doing it.  I am happy to stand for the committee in another capacity, e.g. floating member, if the club sees fit to vote this way .... guess that's up to the membership.

I have had to do much soul searching on various committee matters during the year, which has not been easy but I now know this goes with the territory and will not complain about it.

Whatever the outcome of elections etc., it has been my pleasure to serve the club these past three years and I will look back with fond memories.  I will hopefully continue to enjoy many years of BEC membership, if not committee posts.

Thank you to all those who have helped me - even if only to say you like what I do with the BB - encouragement goes a long way .... a lot further than bitching!!!!

Finally I would like to thank my fellow committee members for their support and friendship and in most cases, constructive criticism.  We all have our reasons for taking on posts and I think that the vast majority of this years' committee were there for the right reasons.

If I don't serve next year I wish the ensuing committee all the best and would help any future BB editor as best I can.