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1996 Tacklemaster's Report

This year has not been any different from previous years.  There is still a chronic shortfall on ladder availability.  See inventory.

Generally very little ladder construction has taken place.  This has been due to personal problems as well as a lack of funds and our low rung stock.  I am trying to rectify the situation with a bulk cheap purchase.

Next year we hope to build six more ladders (this will exhaust the existing rung stock) and possibly some fixed steel ladders for digging purposes.  These will be 5' X 9" (sod the metric system) boltable std sections.

All three survey kits have been well used this year.  2 kits are in fair condition while one requires some cleaning and reconditioning.

I personally intend to run for the Committee this year whether as Tacklemaster or not depends on general opinion.

It would be good to see you members taking an interest in the running and goodwill of the club.

With regards to the change of access in the tackle store, perhaps the AGM could discuss the issue.

I feel that initially there was a general improvement, but this situation has tailed off in recent months.

Now for the facts…        



11 accounted for



10 accounted for




12 accounted for

6 ladders in stock

5 booked out

12 missing

3 in stock

7 booked out

13 missing

2 in stock

2 booked out

8 in various 'digs'

11 missing

It seems that the average per month is 11 missing or being held wittingly or unwittingly by club members. This is sad as the majority of members do book kit in and out.

As an addendum can I say that I feel the club ought to put its past differences behind it and move forward cavers and diggers together to make this club strong and vibrant again.

Mike Wilson.


Total previous ladders                 19

Total scrapped                            3

New manufactured                      4

1 spare added                             1

Total 1996                                 21

August stock count…..

Accounted for                             8

Missing                                      9


Spreaders                                  4

Belays                                       6


8 spreaders and 5 belays missing.

Stock rope count August……..

1X75'     dyn


1X75' dyn

1X120' dyn

N.B. Missing means not in tackle log.

Exploration stock 1996.  

Stock ladders    1

1 transferred to tackle store.











Tackle bags 6

Rope protectors 4

Survey kits 3 (1 under repair)

The spare expedition store ladder will be moved across to the Belfry tackle store and labelled 'for St Cuthbert’s use only'.

---Let's hope it survives the Idiot users.