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Membership Secretaries Report

Firstly I would like to thank all those members of the club who have managed to excel themselves in paying late again this year, causing me no end of irritation and headaches trying to get the membership list as complete as it can be at the time the B.B. goes to press.  Yet some of you who pay late then moan you don't get your B.B's on time if at all. Oh dear, how sad, what a shame I say.

New membership cards were finally issued.  It seems that the S.W.C.C will not be letting anybody down O.F.D. if they are not a member of a recognised caving club so you can show it to them if they don't believe you. There are various other organisations you can claim exchange rights for and a membership card should ease any dispute to this.

This year I was looking at changing the cut off date for renewing your membership to the end of the year, only to find after consulting the clubs constitution that it already had been reduced by a previous A.G.M. and that in fact I had been allowing some of you to receive the clubs excellent magazine many months after you should have. This won't be happening again if I get re-elected.  If you haven't paid your subs by the end of the year you will get no more B.B.'s after the Christmas issue.

Unfortunately we had another spot of bother with members going beyond what the committee feel to be the level of decent behaviour and the committee had to suspend three members of the club, one of whom was a probationer.  One of those suspensions has now been removed, the other two sill being in force until they present themselves before the committee.  I am happy to report that one of the suspensions from last year has been removed earlier than its expiry date because of the good conduct of the member concerned.

In general I suppose membership things have been quiet, we had a bit of a blitz with six new members joining the club in the first two months of the year and one more joining at the August committee meeting so I hope you will extend a warm welcome to them all.  Yet we have an overall drop in membership because there have been more lapses in renewal than new membership applications.  At the time of writing this report we have 148 paid up and Life members.

I am still looking for a computerised database package which will ease the handling of name and address details and the production of membership lists, so if any of you computer buffs out there have any ideas please let me know I am always open to suggestions.

I will close now with many apologies for the length of this report and my thanks to J-Rat for the sterling job he does in distributing the B.B,'s for free reducing the overall cost to the club of the production of each issue.  See you at the A.G.M.

Richard Stephens (Dick-Fred) Membership Secretary.