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Hut Engineer’s Report

We have attempted to have four working weekends this year.

The first one had five people turn up, and the hut was well spring cleaned.

The second one was cancelled due to poor publicity and bad timing .

The third one was a great success, 17 people turned up and we managed to paint the main room, corridor and outside walls, fit two windows, (almost in one piece!!), the washing bay (or patio!!) was finally concreted, only a year later), the guest bunk-room door was temporarily repaired and the place was generally tidied up.  The barbecue (organised by Mr N.) was much appreciated.

The fourth one was really well supported!!  One non-member turned up in the morning and fitted the new shower, (only two years after it was bought) - many thanks Steve, and welcome to the club.  A couple of others helped after lunch to clean the hut up.

Many thanks to the 19 individuals who turned up to help on the various working weekends, your work was much appreciated.  (19 out of the total memberships not many is it??)

There are still plenty of jobs that still need doing in the Belfry.

The priorities are:

Treating & Painting the main room floor

Treating or painting all the woodwork

Fixing the felt on the porch

Rear barge-boards (repair or replace)

Rear guttering

Replace the two fire-doors

Fit a 'fence' around the boiler

Tidy up workshop

Tidy up tackle shed

Fit new cistern for toilet by font door

Kitchen plumbing on gas rings needs replacing

Fit the rest of the kitchens surfaces with stainless steal

Some of these jobs really need doing this side of the winter.

If anyone can supply any materials for any of the above jobs, please let me or next years hut engineer know.

Just remember whose club it is, it doesn't repair itself!

Estelle Sandford