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Disclaimer And Apology

Due to the facts that

a)       my computer is down and I'm using Dick-Freds on very short notice

b)       that I have to get this to the printers tonight or it won't be out in time

c)       I have been in hospital all day and have bugger all time left. ..

there is no contents page ....

There is little other than the committee reports for you to read in the small room

I can only apologise for the above.

I had wanted to do a decent sized issue but alas this is not to be.

Hopefully the next issue and editor will make up for this.

Regards to all ....... Jingles.


So we reach the final BB of the club year - which follows the last in quick succession due to the fact that I want to print the committee reports and thus save hours of waffle at the AGM.  (Well that's the theory anyway).

Of note this time is the fact that Sean Chaffey and Sharon Penney - have got married.... congratulations go to them, along with my apologies for not making the festivities. This due to the fact that I was organising

Pete Mulholland's stag night.  Although not a BEC member Pete is known to many of us through the Grampian connection. A strippagram was ordered for him at the Wessex .... Mike York thoroughly enjoyed it!!

Best wishes to Pete and Myrna.

J-Rat, Jane, Babs & Jeff have been in the states at the International Speleo symposium thingy, doubtless we'll hear all about it upon their return.  As well as the planned trip to Carlsbad Cavern.

On the digging front, Alex Gee continues to progress in Wookey 22 up some godforsaken aven he's happily been blasting the buggery out of, he tells me its looking good.

There is still interest in upstream Wigmore from Blakey & Co and there seems to have been quite a few Priddy Green - Swildon's round trips going on.

Brian Prewer tells me that the pumping station is now on permanently so this will affect the water levels in Swildon's Hole i.e. they will now be low.

The tackle situation is a bit dicey at the moment (See also Tacklemaster's report) and I would appeal to any members who have club tackle to please return it ASAP.

Can I remind you that I will need Dinner orders for the club dinner as soon as possible in order to confirm numbers with the hostelry management?  The order forms were on the back page of the last BB which you will have received a couple of weeks ago.

I can't think of anything further at present save to say that this is probably my last editorial - I'll actually miss doing these believe it or not!!

I don't know if 'Spike' has anything further to say as he hasn't been in touch for a while.  Maybe he'll give me something before I go to press.

Anyway regards to one and all, see you at the AGM.

Good Caving ......... Jingles.