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Wanted:  Photos

We now have a photo board and we need some photos to fill it.  If anyone has any Caving photos less than five years old, they can donate or lend to us, can you please send them to Richard Blake at Allen¬ís House, Priddy, Nr. Wells or Adrian Hole at the Chestnuts, Dulcote, Wells or drop then into Vat Products in an envelope labelled for one of the above.  We will be trying to update the photos on a regular basis, but that depends on you!

Donations are preferable so we can build up a photo album for the library when they are out of date for the board.

[If you wish to have the photos returned, please mark your name,  address, and that you wish them to be returned, and we will endeavour to do so (although being the Belfry there are no guarantees against damage so make sure you keep copies or negatives of any valuable shots).  Can you also send and S.A.E. if you are not local or an envelope with your name on it if you are local, either needs to be marked with the quantity you want returned.]