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Hello Folks ....

B.B. time again. Firstly there is some business to take care of, namely it will soon be time for the AGM, hardly seems like a year since the last one does it?  I therefore must request from all committee members that they send me their annual reports as soon as possible in order that I can publish them in the next BB prior to the AGM thus saving much time on the day.

Also on this subject I wish to inform the club that I would like to stand down as BB editor this year. I have held a committee post for three years now and have given much time to the club.  I feel that if I continue now I would not be giving my best and I would rather retire on a pleasant note.  I hope there is someone out there interested in doing the BB next year; I have heard mumblings in the pub to this effect.  I will refer to this further in my report next issue.

The annual dinner is set for the night of 5.10.96, and will be at the Cross Ways in North Wooton see the back page for booking forms.

Please note that tickets are ONLY obtainable by booking in advance - there will not be any 'spares' on the night.. ... BOOK NOW to avoid disappointment.


Not much to report clubwise for several reasons, firstly that I haven't been around on Mendip that much recently due to other commitments and also to the fact that it’s a quiet time of year anyway.

Good to see several members at the Priddy Folk Fayre in June, although not a caving event there are connections with MRO, I gather £100.00 was donated to the MRO from the takings.  Spotted outside the hall with a craft stall were Andy & Ange Cave - selling their 'ethnic products' - seriously - I never knew you could make rucksacks out of Hemp fibre!!!


Digging seems to be progressing as usual with continued interest in Ogof Draenen and of course the breakthrough in Priddy Green Sink.  Hopefully there will be articles forthcoming in the near future.

I hear that there are various projects afoot in Wookey Hole, the recent push on 25 suffered due to equipment problems but further attempts are planned.

Efforts are being made in the avens in ch 22.  I have yet to speak to those concerned to get details of progress.  Alex Gee informs me he has removed the boulder that was blocking progress and has gained another 20' of passage.  He has been being helped by Nick Mitchell and doesn't plan to do any more solo trips as the environment is somewhat committing.  (Beyond two long sumps and high up in Wookey 22 .... I should bloody say so .... ed.)


I am aware that this issue is somewhat smaller than usual - there's a rush to get it out and the next one will be a bumper edition

That's it for now as I have to rush to get this to the printers.

Good caving one and all.. ..... Jingles.