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January             20           Lost John’s System                       Yorkshire

                        27-Aug    B.E.C. Rescue Practice                 Mendip


February           24           Long Kin East.Rift Pot                    Yorkshire

                        24           P8 & Giants Oxlow                        Derbyshire

                        25           Alum Pot & Long Churn                  Yorkshire

                        25           Peak cavern                                  Derbyshire


March               9            Marble Steps or Bull Pot                 Yorkshire

                        10           Thatham Wife Or Goyden Pot         Yorkshire

                        30           Link/Pippikin                                  Yorkshire


April                 6            G.G./Flood/Stream                         Yorkshire

                        6            Penyghent Pot                               Yorkshire

                        7            King Pot                                        Yorkshire

                        20           Mongo Gill                                     Yorkshire


May                  18           Washfold Pot                                 Yorkshire

                        19           Hagg Gill or Ibbeth Peril                  Yorkshire


June                 8            Gingling Hole                                 Yorkshire

                        9            Kingsdale Master Cave                   Yorkshire

                        28-Sep    B.E.C. Rescue Practice                 Mendip


July                  13           Little Hull Pot                                 Yorkshire

                        14           Chapel le Dale Caves                     Yorkshire


August              10           Birks Fell Cave                              Yorkshire

                        11           Simpsons/Swinsto Exchange          Yorkshire


September        7            Langcliffe Pot                                 Yorkshire

                        8            Sunset Hole                                  Yorkshire


October            26           Juniper Gulf                                   Yorkshire

                        27           Alum Pot – SRT Day                      Yorkshire


November          9            Quaking Pot                                  Yorkshire

                        10           Black Shiver                                  Yorkshire

                        16           Lanc./Easegill                               

                                      (Cow – County)                              Yorkshire


December         7            Notts Pot                                      Yorkshire

                        14           Dan yr Ogof/OFD                           Wales

                        15           Rock and Fountain                         Wales

N.B.  Some dates are double booked as certain people wanted these specific dates.  Further details from Jeff Price.  2 Otter Hole dates still to be announced.