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Letter re: St. Alactite


With reference to the recent correspondence regarding this venerable Patron saint of Cavers, I was bitterly disappointed by the pitifully inadequate reference to some of the other Saints of Mendip.

It is all too easy to look down on the diminutive figure of St. Uckfast (who epitomises Wessex caving techniques so well)

What of St. Out and St. Rengbow those beloved, Saintly characters whose praises are reverently sung beneath the tables of Mendip alehouses?

Could the author not have enlightened his readers with the legendary tale of the union in the Belfry bunkroom of St. Onker  (otherwise known  as  St. Iffy the Upright)  and  St. Rumpet, resulting in the creation of that patron Saint of Seamen St. Ains?

The Shepton will no doubt be offended by the omission of their benefactors St. Upid and St. Ubbern the Illegitimate!

St. Atic and St. Agnant, the saints associated with water tables (and local brews!) surely deserve a mention.

The angelically heaving twin beauties of St. Unning and St. Upendous are another fine pair to keep abreast of !!

Perhaps other Belfryites could enlighten us further on this fascinating subject.

Yours irreverently Gonzo

Editorial Note:

It would seem that the possibilities here are endless ..... e.g. Patron Saint of Wessex Members ...... St. Unted.

The twin saints of speech impediment (Butcombe induced) ......... St.St.St.St. Utter and St. Am-Am-Am-Ammer.

And of course the Patron Saint of Caving Politicians ... Cupid St. Unts!!!

All contributions welcomed for the St. Ockpile of B.B. Articles & St. Ories