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Well here we are again, a new club year, a new committee and yet another issue of the Belfry Bulletin. Hopefully this will please certain members whose only criticism of the Bulletin is that there are not enough of them. (This one's for you Dan!)


Those of you who were present at the A.G.M. will know that it was the usual blend of hilarity, bullshit and boredom ... although as usual we did manage to sort out a few things somewhere along the line, including the election of this years committee, as you will see from the preceding page.  As is normally the case there was a degree of disagreement over certain issues but, being the diplomatic and democratic bunch we are, we managed to beat the crap out of the dissenters.  Oops, sorry, I mean come to a civilized agreement of course.  I'm not going to prattle on about it further here, you can read the minutes and make of them what you will.  Thank God there's only one of these a year is all I can Say.


The evening of the same day saw the 60th anniversary Dinner at the Bath & West Showground. Thanks must go to Mr 'N' who did a Stirling job in the organization of said event, indeed has done so for some years, and hopefully feels rewarded by the response of the membership.  Thanks Nigel...!!

There was a pretty good turnout with several generations of cavers being represented. For myself, I met quite a few people I had only previously heard of in name and who to me are luminaries of the Club from years gone by.  I assure you there was quite a bit of 'living history' there on the night.

The guest of honour, Harry Stanbury, member number 1, made an after dinner speech recalling days gone by and I feel sure he has a few more tales to tell .... perhaps I can persuade him to share a few juicy titbits with me for this journal. .. ?

One particularly touching moment was the presentation of bouquets to members 1a & 1000a (Mrs Stanbury & Mrs Dors respectively) ­this was quite emotional and there were lumps in more than one throat...!!

Entertainment was provided by The Belfry Boys, followed by Kangy King et al, then the Old Belfry Boys joined the 'new' Belfry Boys for a four part set.  This was rounded off with a rendition of the 'Exploration Club', which most of those present participated in.

'Alfie' set up a stall, stage left, and dispensed copies of his new book 'A Strange Device', complete with autographs from himself and his tame artist Robin Gray!  Having read the book myself I can say it is definitely up to his usual humorous standard and even includes translations of the Latin for those of us wot isn't ejercatid like wot he are!!

The socialising continued and there were many members who had not seen each other for a number of years so there was quite a lot of catching up to do.

I have to confess that I elected to escape at this point but I gather that the evening continued nicely on a downwards slope towards drunkenness and debauchery and that things were taken back to the Belfry (as well as people) until the wee hours. There was apparently more than one sore head the following morning. Gosh ... what a surprise .. !!!


A request from the editor ......

I am currently working on a project which involves a certain amount of research into the exploration of Wookey Hole.  Obviously there is a lot of information available on this subject, which I have access to through the club.  What I do need however is copies of previously unpublished material and/or photographs, particularly of the divers' extensions.  I'm sure there must be some of you out there who can help me, possibly with personal log entries or old snapshots etc ... I would be most grateful for any information, even to the extent that I'd buy you a pint when I see you. I'm interested in anything that has occurred this century basically - so if you can help, please get in touch ..... Ta.


So, as will now be evident, I have the dubious honour of being B.B. Editor for another year. Thank you to those of you that wanted me to continue and were kind enough to express your thanks.

As I have said before, the rag is only as good as the articles I receive and although I have one or two in hand I can always use extra material. I wonder if we can persuade 'Pooh' to continue with the saga of the Belfry Boy .... how about it Dave .. ? There are others who are always threatening articles .... well here's your chance to see your work in print.

Anyway I've filled the page so it must be time to shut up and get on with it.  I will try to bring out more issues, but I need the help of you, the membership, to do it.

Till next time ..... Good Caving.



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