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Vale Chris Tozer

It is with great sadness that I have to write this obituary to my good friend Chris Tozer.  I first met Chris a few years ago when I was a member of the MCG.  He phoned me up to ask about caving and joining a club.  It transpired that he had done a bit of caving, mainly in Burrington, alone and without a light!  This will come as no surprise to those that knew Chris.

I soon convinced him that digging was much more rewarding than just caving and he readily took to weekly muddy wallows in Bone Hole.  We both started doing more and more caving and digging with the BEC, mainly in Stock Hill mine shaft, Wigmore (Chris only), Whitepit, and Sandpit.  For this reason we both joined the BEC in the early 90's.  Chris also became involved in digs in Dan Yr Ogof and Agen Allwed, along with some good, hard caving trips in South Wales and Yorkshire.

During his time with the MCG and BEC, Chris made many friends, and very soon picked up the nickname 'Quiet Chris', due to him being a man of very few words.  However, when he did speak, what was said was worth listening to; his words could be very wise, or deep, or a quick quip that revealed a mischievous sense of humour.

Chris also had the reputation of being very strong, courageous and able.  These attributes revealed themselves many times on caving and digging trips - many a time, when the dig was getting a bit desperate, or a large boulder needed wrestling down, it was said 'better get Chris in to sort it out'.

Tragically, Chris took his own life on 21 July 1995, near GB Cave.  His funeral was a very emotional occasion, attended by a large number of family and friends, with a good representation from the caving community. It was during the funeral that the full extent of Chris' talents were revealed.  He was a very talented wood carver, artist, musician and composer, talents that he kept hidden from the majority of us.  A few of us have since seen some of Chris' art work and it really is beautiful.

The side we did see of Chris was his great love of nature and his respect for his fellow human beings - he had no enemies and would see good in everyone.

On 5 August Chris' wife Sharyn and his two boys, Michael and Raymond, scattered Chris' ashes in the stream sink at GB cave - another very emotional moment.  Our thoughts are with his family.

Goodbye Chris, we will miss the quiet man sipping his cola in the Hunters.

Brian Murlis