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Speleo Philippines 1995

From Trebor.

The expedition report is underway and is advanced as it can be at the moment until I get further contributions from Expedition members.  I have done all the intros and generalities, my section of the San Isidro (Surigao del Sur) findings and also some of Richards stuff he has given me.  However I still need write ups from Snablet, biological stuff from Annette and from anybody else who looked at other significant caves.  Also, needless to say, the surveys pertaining to such.  The report won't write itself and I can't write up what I didn't see!

Could all expedition members therefore contact the people they caved with in a particular cave, agree who is going to write it up, then write it up and send it to me.  Could anyone/someone contact Paul, Pete Mann and John C who are off Mendip to tell them.  The cave write up is to be in the style of a caving guide i.e. like the '92 report.  All minnow stuff or prospecting results (that odd shaft found here or there) could be rounded up and put into one or two paragraphs at the end of a particular section/area.  Please also make a note of the various acknowledgements you want included e.g. Barrio captains, Guides etc.  Please keep these to the most important/helpful I as there may be too many of them.  If anyone sees Paul Mann we need to see the photos he was paid for so we can choose what to include in the report.

The logbooks and other expedition paperwork will be left in the Belfry library in due course to enable you to get the relevant details out of them in order to write up the stuff.

Estelle ... could you return the other logbook to the library when you have finished with it?

Please get on with it as we don't want to wait nearly 2 years for the report like in '92.  If we don't produce a report we won't get a grant next time.

Thanks ........ Trebor.