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From the Belfry Table

Yes, your club secretary has a new toy, and intends to make use of it to update you all, now in retirement at last!  On the latest news from the BELFRY TABLE!

But firstly, on a note of sadness, I regret to inform you of the death of Lord WALDEGRAVE , on the 23rd. May 1995.

Geoffrey Noel, 12th. Earl Waldegrave, KG, G.C.V.O, was apart from being a prominent and well-respected Landowner, indeed a good friend & benefactor to many Mendip cavers. Indeed, many such digs and caves have been excavated and discovered as a result of his having given permission for their excavation.  Red Quar Swallet, Wigmore Farm Cave, and also many mine shafts all lie upon his estate.

He has a genuine interest in what lay beneath his property, as well as atop it.  I can recall in the early days of the Wigmore excavation - firing a rather hefty explosive charge, having obtained permission from someone Tony Jarrat and myself thought to be the landowner, only to find that it was in fact the Dairy Herdsman!  Lord Waldegrave, arrived upon the scene just prior to the blast, and was advised to keep his head down, much to his merriment, and our chagrin, he gave us his personal authority there and then!  On Thursday 1st. June 1995, I represented the B.E.C at Chewton Mendip Parish Church, and have expressed the Clubs' regrets to his family. A true Mendip Gentleman, he will be missed.

I further regret to advise you of the death of an old Club Member, Graham George ROBINSON, number 489. Graham joined the B.E.C on the 17th. August 1961 am sure that you will all join me in wishing his family our deepest sympathy.  I have asked John RANSOM to write further upon this matter for the BB.

On now to lighter matters, DON’T FORGET THIS IS THE CLUB’S 60TH YEAR!   Saturday 1st. July saw a surprise birthday party for Bertie at Priddy Village Hall.  The Committee and their ladies worked hard, and an excellent evening of Olympics, Pig-roast, Barbecue and Blues band was enjoyed by all.  The profits were swelled by the exceptional generosity of Roger and Jackie DORS, who allowed us to keep the profits on the bar.  A very kind action for which we are all very grateful. The profits will be used to keep down the cost of the 60th. Dinner which I hope will be a grand occasion.

SEPTEMBER. ....... The "Cavelets" (Angie & Andy) are planning another Belfry Working weekend.  PLEASE support them, date to be advised.

SATURDAY, 7th.OCTOBER, is the A.G.M & DINNER. B.E.C.  Member No.1, Harry STANBURY is Guest of Honour, and the venue?  It’s the same as the 50th Venue, at the Bath & West showground; plans are already well in hand for this and other entertainments. Details from myself.  How about a "PANTO", come on you older B.E.C bods!  What about it???????????????

CHARTERHOUSE PERMITS are now being reissued.   These are of a new format, and can be obtained by any PAID-UP Members from the Belfry.  Don’t get caught without one, as the new system may well be under scrutiny by our new Landlords, English Nature /Somerset Trust.

OFFICIAL REMINDER & NOTICE, ..... NOMINATIONS FOR THE 1995/1996 Committee are now called for, please send to your Hon. Sec as soon as possible, but by the 7th August at the latest and include the name of proposer with them.  Candidates must be paid-up.

I have been asked by the Committee to advise all members that DAMAGE TO THE BELFRY WILL NOT BE TOLERATED.  There has been too much wanton damage of late, and it has been agreed that any malicious damage will mean that the culprits WILL BE CALLED BEFORE THE COMMITTEE, and further that they can expect to be BANNED FROM THE CLUB WITH IMMEDIATE EFFECT IF AT FAULT.  You are warned, that there will be no exceptions, enough is enough, the Belfry is not just for a few to spoil as they think fit, nor is the Committee prepared to have all their work, and the efforts of good members laid waste.  The JULY Committee meeting acted unitedly and swiftly to curb this problem.  One member has been suspended until the 1996 A.G.M from all club activities and membership privileges, one Committee member has been suspended until this years A.G.M for taking the law into his own hands and assaulting one of the alleged culprits. A third member has yet to appear before the Committee and state his case, and is now banned from the Belfry and club activities until he chooses to appear before them.

The Committee will not condone damage or violence on anyone's part.  This must, and will cease.  The Club is more important and bigger than anyone individual, and I totally support this belief, no matter how useful any such individual mayor may not be to the club.   Enough said??????????????????

Oh well!. .. .its' time for me to get down from the table, (And my "High Horse"!),

regards to you all,

“Mr.” N.
(Nigel Taylor, Hon.Sec).