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Hello fellow Belfryites. It seems a while since I've done an editorial for the old B.B., largely due to the fact that it is!  I shall not make excuses for myself save to say that another issue will follow this one very soon.

The reason being that the A.G.M. is not that far away at all, to say nothing of our 60th celebrations.

To this end I must mention one or two things.  Firstly any nominations for next yearÂ’s committee should be forwarded to the Hon Sec. A.S.A.P. and certainly no later than the September committee meeting. Secondly I would ask all current committee members to let me have their annual reports also A.S.A.P. in order that they may be published in the next B.B. and thus save an awful lot of time and hot air at the A.G.M .... God knows there's enough hot air anyway!

It seems, at this stage that there will be some current officers standing down next year, including possibly myself, so there are posts that will need filling.  The club will not operate without a committee and despite what some may say my experience is that there's a lot more to it than meets the eye.

For my part I have not been around on Mendip that much recently for a number of different reasons, most of which are irrelevant to club business, but I have been spending a lot of time in Yorkshire, largely around the Old Hill Inn.  At this point I would like to wish John & Sue Riley all the best for their antipodean forays and thank them on behalf of many of us who had enjoyed their hospitality at the 'Hill' over the years.  Although I am happy for them it still feels like the end of an era with them leaving.  I can assure you that the new Landlord is every bit as welcoming of cavers and that on that level not a lot seems to have changed.

I ought to mention that Estelle's Address has changed as you will see from the preceding page.

Also that there are plans afoot to resurrect Friday night sing songs at the Hunters, hopefully on committee nights, and I know there is more than a little interest in this. (Not that I'm Biased or anything.)

Anyway enough prattle from me.

Watch this space for more news next month ..... over to you Mr 'N'.