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Bristol Exploration Club 1994 AGM held at the Belfry 1st October 1994

Meeting Opened 1045 Hours

The secretary asked for nominations for Chairman.

Bob Cork Chairman.  No other nominations (30 For: 1 Against)

Jingles proposed 1993 AGM minutes taken as read and ratified.  Seconded Rob Harper.  Unanimously accepted.

Matters Arising

Chris Batstone asked if we ever got a Hut Warden's report for 1993 .. asking we never got one.  D. Turner said if we knew where the survey kits were.  M. Wilson reported all 3 kits were now in his possession.  B. Wilton reported the books had now been audited for 1993.

1994 Secretary's report

No matters arising.

Brian Prewer proposed a sincere vote of thanks to M. Grass for his efforts over the last 5 years. Seconded Mac. Report accepted. Proposed D. Turner.  Seconded R. Harper.  Carried Unanimously.

Caving Secretary's Report

Taken as read.   No matters arising.  Carried Unanimously.  Proposed Blitz.  Seconded C. Batstone.

Hut Wardens Report

Taken as read - no questions.  M. Grass proposed a vote of thanks as Estelle had taken more money than ever before mainly due to her collection technique.  Proposed R. Harper.  Seconded N. Taylor.

Hut Engineer

Tim sent his apologies. Report taken as read.  Ron Wyncole sent a report on the fire extinguishers (see attached).  Brian and Nigel voiced major concern that some of our fire extinguishers had been "loaned" to the Shepton Mallet C.C.  Although high spirits set off extinguishers our insurance would be invalid if we had a fire.  Setting off extinguishers should be dealt with severely by the Hut Warden. Proposed Jingles.  Seconded Mike Wilson.  Carried Unanimously.

Membership Secretary

Ted Humphreys asked why a membership list had not been published.  Nigel said it had taken a long time to get the records straight. One would be published in the next B.B. D. Turner asked about Nigel's proposal of getting contribution from Life Members.  Dan Hasell said we should write and ask if Life Members wished to remain members and still receive the B.B.  D. Turner asked that Nigel write to all Life Members as suggested at last years AGM.  Nigel said he had spoken to members rather than written.  Nigel agreed to write to selected Life Members.  C. Batstone asked how many members we had.  Nigel said he could not give an exact figure.  Proposed acceptance D. Turner.  Seconded Ted Humphreys.  All for one abstention.

Tackle Masters Report

Published.  As usual ladders were missing.  Bob Cork said should we not have ladders but hire them from someone.  The meeting said no.  Struen said we should try non-compatible c. links.  Brian Prewer said this wouldn't work as MRD may need to mix club ladders on a rescue.  It was decided to try and ensure ladders are tagged and are logged out.  Proposed C. Batstone.  Seconded Greg Villis.  Carried Unanimously.

B.B. Editor

Dan Hasell said could we have more B.B's Nigel Taylor said that since Jingles had edited the B.B. it had been excellent.  He said cost meant we could only have a B.B. every 2 months plus if he had enough articles he could do a monthly one.  Proposed Nigel Taylor.  Seconded Rob Harper.  Carried Unanimously.  1 Abstention.

Treasurers Report - Blitz read it out.

Members said we should have remained in the BMC.  Dave Glover said now there was a joining fee plus about £3.50 per member per year fee. M. Grass suggested next years' committee look at rejoining if it is not to costly.  D. Turner had proposed this at the 1993 AGM.  It was agreed to continue.  The telephone was not making money and we were about £52 per year down. Mr. N. said should we charge MRO for some line rental.  M. Grass said no as this was our contribution to MRD.  It was agreed to not put up charges but to continue subsidising the line rental.

Dave Turner was told by the Chairman that he could make the final statement.  He said he had said enough.  £250 was given to Trebor for the publication of the Wigmore report. Trebor reported that it would be published within the next 2 months.

Oil and electricity after much discussion about heating costs, Jingles Proposed, Seconded Mac that next years' committee put a locked box over the frost stat to stop people turning up the heating mid week.  Keys to committee members.  Brian Prewer Proposed.  Seconded Nigel.  That we go to a cheap Electricity plan for nights and weekdays.  Brian had done this at the village hall.  He will advise next year’s committee.

R. Harper asked why we had spent so much on cleaning materials etc.  Blitz said the previous Hut Warden had not always accurately accounted for all cleaning product expense.

St. Cuthbert’s loans - Blitz said we had made a profit on hut fees and that we could pay off some of the pledge money.

Auditors Report

Barry Wilton reported that the accounts were becoming more complicated and 4 weeks was not long enough to audit the accounts by the AGM.  D. Turner proposed that next years' committee is instructed to look at a constitutional change to the financial year.  Seconded Mac: 0 Against: 4 abstentions.  Carried.

The auditor will audit the accounts and report back to the next committee meeting and they will be published in the B.B.

Ian Dear Memorial Fund Proposed

Report published in the B.B. Proposed Mac.  Seconded Jingles. 0 Against:  2 Abstention.  Carried.

Librarians Report

Dave asked for a membership list to be put in the library. Blitz asked if any books had gone missing. He said he knew of none.  Proposed Estelle.  Seconded Andy Cave.  1 Against. 1 Abstention.

St. Cuthbert’s report selling slowly but steadily.

Nigel Taylor Proposed. Seconded BEC committee that due to his support of the BEC member No.4 Dan Hasell is accepted as an Honorary Life Member.  All carried Unanimously.

Election of committee

Nigel Taylor, Chris Smart, Mike Wilson, Jingles, Jeff Price, Andy Cave *, Angie Cave *, Dick Fred *, Estelle Sandford, had all said they would like to stand. All were voted on, on block.

* those marked * are new to the committee.








Hon Sec

Nigel Taylor

D. Turner

A. Cave





Chris Smart


N. Taylor




Caving Sec.

Jeff Price


C. Batstone





Mike Wilson






Hut Warden

Angie Cave


Rob Harper




Hut Engineer

Andy Cave






Membership Sec

Dick Fred


Angie Cave






D. Turner





The meeting understand and agreed that Estelle would take over as assistant treasurer.

Non committee posts:




D. Turner

Alan Thomas

B. Wilton

B. Prewer

T. Humphries

C. Batstone


M. Gr4ass

D. Turner




Proposed: Jingles Seconded Blitz that the librarian is instructed to find out from the Archivist what archives we have and where they are kept.

M. Grass was given Hon. Membership for one year as acknowledgement of his services to the club. Proposed N. Taylor.  That club has a position of President.  Much conversation continued: 9 For: 15 Against: 0 Abstentions.  Not carried.

Proposed R. Harper. Seconded Nigel that we have a Member to Excess which can only be awarded by the AGM.  26 For: 1 Against: 1 Abstention.  The committee to be instructed to look at a suitable award.

Any Other Business

A          Report from BEC rescue team leader. Read out by the Chairman.  Blitz asked Brian Prewer to comment.  Brian said all real rescues are insured by police, now practices are also insured.  The practice organised by P. Romford was not OK'd by the BEC committee.  Mac said Phil's report was wrong in saying it was for experienced SRT cavers only.  Mac asked that it is minuted that Phil is an experienced caver and has a lot to offer.

Brian Prewer said that the original purpose of Club team leaders is that they are generally young members who hopefully will become MRO Wardens.

Andy Cave proposed a vote of censure of no confidence in the current team leader as there was a deliberate intent not to inform the Club of the practice. 20 For.  9 Abstention.  0 Against.

M. Grass proposed that the position reverts back to Caving Sec. to appoint team leaders as and when required.  Seconded Estelle.  25 For: 2 Against: 2 Abstention.  D. Turner proposed that the next committee are instructed to issue a set of guidelines for Practice Club rescues.  25 For: 0 Against: 1 Abstentions.

Nigel Taylor said Kevin Fisher who stole Trebor’s car had now admitted the crime and will probably receive a custodial sentence.

Blitz said do we need a full balance sheet or partial.  A partial one was a good idea.

Next years' dinner and AGM 7 October 1995.

Meeting Closed 1555 hours.

1994 BEC AGM Present

M. Grass, B. Cork, Jingles, Stuan, Helen Harper, Rob Harper, Estelle Sandford, Mike Wilson, Any Cave, Angie Cave, Hilary Wilson, Babs Williams, Pete Hellier, Kevin Gurmer, Dave Glover, Ruth Baxter, John Freeman, B.J. Wilton, Ted Humphreys, Chas, Nigel Taylor, Chris Batstone, Chris Smart, Dave Turner, S.J. McManus, Dan Hasell, B. Prewer, Greg Villas, Emma Porter, Nick Gymer, Dave Ball, Rich Long.

Late Arrival, John Buxton.