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Nr Billingshurst
West Sussex

5 October 1994

Dear Jingles,

A word is required on the BEC club dinner - Excellent.  What more could be said? Unfortunately - there is more!  From the moment we arrived back at the Belfry, our ears and stomachs were subjected to loud unexpected music over which conversation was difficult in the extreme.  Even this could have been tolerated if the volume was lower and the balance was not pure bass.

Knowing the general high spirits of the well oiled caver we had set our tent up in the snake pit so that when we retired for the night we could be well out of the way for a peaceful nights sleep, so that the party could continue until the last person dropped. Without disturbing us.  Even in our tent however the penetrating qualities of the music intruded.  Hence a disturbed nights sleep and the ruination of an otherwise enjoyable event.

On talking with various people in the morning we gather that the music was a ploy by a minority to wind some of the other members up.  This we think they managed to do extremely well, but we do not regard this within the context of high spirits.

But apart from that please keep up with the high standard of entertainment and good food that constitutes a BEC club dinner.

Congratulations to Nigel Taylor and The Belfry Boys.

            Yours sincerely

                        Dave Ball & Ruth Baxter.

PS So if after publishing this letter you would pass it on to the committee so they could look into this complaint we would be grateful and hopefully much relieved in the future.