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Membership Matters!

Mem Sec:- Dick-Fred, Cheddar. Somerset.

When Jingles asked me to write this for the next issue of the B.B. I must admit I sat staring at an empty screen for a while.  Finally the words began to flow .......

Having recently taken over the job of Membership Secretary for the B.E.C. I suppose I ought to direct my comments in that direction.  Firstly I would like to thank Mr. N. for the job he has done over the past few years, he has managed to get the membership details in such a well organised state that has made it easy for me to slide gently into the role.

Then I would like to thank Jingles for actually having the patience and time to enter onto computer the complete list of paid up members as at the A.G.M. this year.

Now seems the time to remind the membership, myself included, that subs are due and to remind you that up to the 31st of December 1994 subs are £20 single, £30 joint. After that the subs rise to £24 single, £36 joint.

There is always a period of grace for those who do not pay their subs, as they will receive only one or two further B.B. 's after the start of the next year before they are then removed from the distribution list.  (This is normally at the discretion of the B.B. Editor and the Membership Secretary.)

On the following pages you will see the current membership list.  Inclusion on this list does not mean you have paid your subs!  If your details are wrong, or you know that somebody else's are wrong, please let me know.  I feel it is very important that your details are kept as up to date as possible and I will try to publish updates in every B.B.

Please send your subs and information to either the Belfry, for my attention, or my home address at the top of the page.

Ciao for now,