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Hello everyone.  This is the first BB of the 'Club Year' and is the Christmas issue.  My apologies for not having produced one earlier, this is due to ongoing computer problems and my thanks go to Dick Fred for his continuing patience and help in this area.

I've put it together as quickly as I can, as per request of certain Honorary Life Members (see elsewhere in this journal for details) and consequently have not necessarily included articles that certain individuals may have been expecting to see.  It also means that I have not had time to retype some of the contents, so please excuse the different typefaces etc.  My thanks go to those of you who have written articles in the past year as do my pleas to anyone who feels like writing something; I can always use extra material.

Some club business ..... Firstly from Mike Wilson ......

Some of the more observant members who frequent the shed may have noticed a strange looking metal tower 8'6" high residing next to the tackle store.  This is not a catenary tower for the next BEC space launch but the promised rope testing rig!  All the vital parts are locked in the inner sanctum of aforementioned tackle store. We hope to test all the expedition ropes and date tag them - giving us some kind of datum point to work from in the future - in the interests of safety!  Also the rig will be available for personal testing at prearranged dates/times and a nominal fee will be charged to help towards tackle replenishment. At the time of writing the rig is only good for factor 1 tests but we will have the components for factor 2 tests shortly.  Thanks go to the lads who have shown interest and support in this project and special thanks to the member who supplied the Avro Vulcan bomb release mechanism.  I hope the rig is well used. M.W.

Further on the matter of tackle, from the committee .....

The current tackle situation is that out of 22 club ladders there are only 3 booked out in the log and NONE in the tackle store!!!  This means that members have been repeatedly unable to have access to kit.  There has been little response to requests to return ladders, indeed some non-BEC and sub standard ladders were brought in instead of the original kit borrowed.

Would any member holding any club kit please return it to the tackle store or to any committee member by the February committee meeting so that a proper check and inventory can be done.

And from Jeff Price-(Caving Secretary).

St Cuthbert’s Swallet Tackle Fees.  If trips are arranged through the caving secretary, the club/group requesting a trip will have to pay the fees at the time of booking, otherwise leaders will still collect fees at the time of the trip.

O.F.D. Permit.

The OFD II (top) Cwm Dwr permit has been renewed.  Anyone visiting the above must have a permit with them (and have filled it in). Permits are kept at the Belfry and by Jeff and if anyone needs one urgently they can contact him on his home number 0272-499299 and a permit will be posted.  Please note these are only available to paid up members.

As was agreed at the last committee meeting, completed membership forms for prospective new members must be handed to either the proposer or seconder and presented to the committee by them.  This is to ensure that the applicant and his/her proposer/seconder are present at the committee meeting ..... .DF.

And Finally ............ SUBSCRIPTIONS DUE ....

As you will see elsewhere in this ish subs for 94/95 are now due and are ...

£20.00 single and £30.00 joint if paid by 31.12.94

£24.00 single and £36.00 joint if paid after 1.1.95