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Pen Park Hole

Southmead Estate. Bristol.

Over the past five years Graham Mullan and Linda Wilson of the UBSS have been pursuing an access agreement with Bristol City Council to gain entry into Pen Park Hole.  As of January 1993 the BEC, WCC and UBSS are able to offer trips into the cave.  The three clubs chosen were by way of historical exploration of the cave.  If you're interested in a trip get in touch Chris Smart or myself.

Jeff Price.

Pen Park Hole Access Notes/Rules.

When visiting this cave, certain requirements of the landowner, Bristol City Council, must be adhered to :

No more than two cars are to be parked at the site.  It probably best, therefore, to arrange to meet your leader off site, and travel together.

No changing at the site. The most that can be allowed is the pulling on and off of an oversuit, over a DECENT furry suit etc.  Remember the site is in the middle of a residential area.

Remove oversuit and boots etc. in the road, behind your car.  Don't leave mud all over the footpath, or on the park gate.

The collection of geological specimens from the cave is STRICTLY forbidden.

The limit on the trip is five people plus leader.

No carbide is to be used in the cave.

To pay for maintenance costs etc., a tackle fee of £1.50 per head is levied, payable to the leader. This is not payable by BEC, WCC or UBSS members.

Tackle requirements for the main pitch: 20 metres of ladder, long spreader (or two 1 metre tethers), 50 metres of rope for double lifeline, krabs.  This pitch is NOT suitable for SRT.

BEC Leaders : -   Jeff Price.  Chris Smart.

WCC Leaders : -  Mark Helmore.  Rob Taviner.

UBSS Leaders :-  Steve Cottle.  Paul Harvey.