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Meets List - 1993

The following is a list of trips already arranged by Jeff.  If you want to go please get in touch with Jeff as soon as possible (Tel: 0272 724296)

Birks Fell Cave, Yorkshire. Saturday, 19th June

Notts Pot, Yorkshire. Saturday, 31st July

Charterhouse Cave & Reservoir Hole, November (date undecided)

If you want to go to these or to any other cave not mentioned, get in touch with Jeff and he will try to arrange access.

Cave Rescue Practice

Saturday.  15th May.  Venue to be decided (possibly Cuthbert's)

Anyone interested please contact Alan Turner or Phil Romford

Saturday, 30th October. MRO practice rescue.  St. CuthbertÂ’s

If interested contact an MRO Warden!

Bec Cave Leaders

DYO, S.Wales

Martin Grass, Mike McDonald (Trebor), Basset. Tim Large, Richard Stevenson, Rob Harper.

OFD1, S.Wales

Martin Grass. Richard Stevenson, Basset. Dave Irwin (Wig). Brian Prewer. Greg Villis. Tim Large.

Note  We hold a yearly permit for OFD.  If we need a mid-week key ring the SWCC the weekend before.

Craig a Fynnon (Rock & Fountain), S. Wales.      Martin Grass.

Reservoir Hole, Mendip.                                     Jeff Price. Martin Grass. Basset. Dave Irwin.

Blackmoor Flood Swallet, Mendip.                       Steve Redwood.

Charterhouse Cave, Mendip.                               Jeff Price, Chris Smart (Blitz).