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Well here we are again, eventually!  Most of this BB consists of 1ists of one kind or another, all of which are as up-to-date as I could make them.  Please let me know if there are any errors.

I seem to be becoming accident prone!  We can't let Snablet have all the fun.  I twisted a knee falling from Long Chamber to Annexe Chamber, tore a thigh muscle free-climbing down the 20 in Swildon's and broke a wrist falling off a step ladder. Perhaps I'm getting too old for these adventurous pursuits!


The following letter was received by the Club from the parents of Suzanna Fellowes.  Suzanna was killed recently following a car accident at the end of the Belfry track.  She was a member of the Westminster Speleological Group.


Dear Bristol Exploration Club Members,

We thank you for your kindness and beautiful floral tribute on the sad occasion of Suzanna's funeral.

            In appreciation,

                        Richard & Christel Fellowes



Dear Sir

I wrote recently complaining of the state of the Belfry and explaining my actions in staying at Upper Pits in preference to the Belfry.

My '93 sub's are due. A sum of £20.00.  Can anyone on B.E.C. Committee justify to me why I should have to fork £20.00 to remain a member of a club that still goes offering thoroughly sub-standard, filthy accommodation? 

It's about time you reviewed the crummy, unsanitary state the Bunk rooms are in.  I've tried hard to reconcile myself to the Belfry crowd, and feel at home in the place but I'm afraid I'm on the point of chucking it all up and resigning.

Why cannot you fork out for some decent canvas and wooden bunk frames that will not attract damp and filth, and will be easily recoverable, and whilst on the subject it's high time a new fire door was fitted to the end bunkroom, and some curtains or shutters would not go amiss!

Why don't you spend the money on something practical instead of blooming coloured mug shots on the B.B. cover!

Some proper cooking stoves would not go amiss either!  The kitchen is so bloody useless; I have to spend money down the Café.

Come on, get your act together and spend the money, or you can kiss goodbye to my sub's!

Yours Bloody well exasperated!

Bob Cross


Reply to Bob Cross letter.

Dear Bob.

The members elected the committee last October.  It’s function is, as you are no doubt aware, to organise the running of the club on behalf of members.

Being a member, however, means much more than just paying your £20 subscription.  Whenever work becomes necessary or improvements desirable, at the Belfry - two factors have to be borne in mind - money and the voluntary help of members.

The committee is also charged with resolving the outstanding matter of the pledges for the St Cuthbert's report.  We have still to find about £2000.  At last the Cuthbert's lease with Inveresk has been completed and a sum of £700 has recently been paid.

So you can see the club has to work within very tight financial constraints.  Many projects around the Belfry and site have been identified but unfortunately several have been shelved, certainly for this current year. However, some work has been undertaken which includes: - the installation of central heating; new cooker units; the painting of the main room and currently another shower unit is in the process of being fitted.  Next on the list is the renovation of the changing room.  All this work requires money, but most importantly it requires voluntary help from members.

Considering the size of our club this voluntary group is very small.  The same dependable members attend working weekends or do odd jobs when they can, but more could be done if more members actively supported the club by helping.

The Belfry needs to be cleaned, especially after a busy weekend, and it is up to members and guests to ensure this happens along with a few reminders from the hut warden.

It is proposed to hold two or three working weekends this year and the committee would welcome your assistance at these occasions.

            Yours sincerely.

                        The Club Committee.


Dear Member,

If you have an * by your name in the following membership list then, according to my records. you have not paid your B.E.C. subs for 92-93.  If you think you have paid please inform me by ringing: - 0749 670191.  If you have not paid, subs are £24 single or £36 joint if you wish to continue membership and receive your B.B.

If you do not wish to continue please could you return your Belfry key and your deposit will be refunded.

            Yours sincerely,

                        John Watson (Membership Secretary)