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Librarian's Report


A relatively quiet year in the library - probably because most things are in order and under control. The place looks a bit more like a library now.  By the way, any hardware such as radiators, pumps, window frames, caving equipment, rucksacks and other non-library type stuff will be ejected to the Tackle Store. It's a library, not a warehouse.

Our pressing need is for one or two more cabinets, mainly to house the growing collection of reciprocal Club Journals.  Our reciprocal list is growing steadily and inter-club co-operation in quite rife, so we need somewhere to put them.  All these Journals, Newsletters etc. need tidying up and binding so when we get some spare cash this can be done.  At the same time, the mammoth job of cataloguing can be carried out.  I have not started cataloguing the Journals yet as it seems sensible to do this when they are being bound together to save duplication of effort.

On the book front, I have been quite selective.  I don't see the point of buying every book that comes on the market, with our limited funds.  The new Northern cave guides have been purchased, the new "Gouffre Jean-Bernard" book, the new "Darkness Beckons" and Richard Whitcombe's book on Mendip cave names.  A number of items have been kindly donated, such as some old Wessex Journals, a load of old transactions from the Cave Research Group, a Derbyshire Lead Mining Glossary and some old Shepton C.C. occasional papers.  Thanks to the donators.  The books have been catalogued for some time now and a computer print-out of our book collection (recently up-dated) hangs on the back of the library door.

A radiator has just appeared on the library wall.  I assume this means the Hut Engineer can dispense heater in due course, just to give us a bit more room.

As usual, the annual plea to return all books borrowed after reasonable time.  Our theft rate seems to have decreased a little but a number are still missing.

Richard & Snablet          where is "OVCC Pro. 13"?

Snablet                         where is "Caving Expeditions - BCRA"?

Tim Large                      have you got "Limestone & Caves of Mendip"?

Zot                                where is "SRT", "Dowsing for you"?!

? Williams                     have you got "Speleo Sportive PSM"?, "Descent of PSM"?

We have a computer in the library with a printer.  Jim Smart is custodian but I am sure he would let you use it, if you asked nicely.