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Honorary Secretary's Report

Martin Grass

Another hectic year in the club and a milestone in as much as we don't ask anymore when the St. Cuthbert's Report will be published but when will all copies be sold!  With this in mind we should all continue to push sales when and wherever we can.  Do you know a local bookshop that would like some copies? or some old caving friends. Every copy sold is another £3 nearer to paying off our debts.

The other milestone this year is the installation of central heating in the Belfry. Hopefully this will be working by the A.G.M.

Again the dinner will be at the Webbington.  Some people say this is too far to go or it's too smart.  Please, if you don't like the venue, find another and let me know.  I have visited nearly everywhere and very few venues cater for 160+ people.  I look forward to receiving your suggestions.

The Belfry is now looking in a reasonable state after much hard work by, as usual, a very small number of club members.  Unfortunately this year has seen a large increase in not just high spirits and "actions to excess" but vandalism and I do hope this is NOT a sign of the times but an isolated case which the club has stamped on or will stamp on.

I am prepared to stand for one more year if elected and I am certainly very pleased to see an election this year, the first for a few years.  Maybe, at last, members are becoming interested in who runs the club on their behalf.

Finally, we have held 11 committee meetings this year and attendance has been as follows: -

M Grass            9          N. Taylor           9
C Smart            9          V. Simmonds    5
M Wilson          10         R. Blake            7
J. Watson         9          G. Johnson        7
C.Harvey           9          J. Price             5
E.Humphreys    8          I. Caldwell         5