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Membership Secretary's Report

John Watson

This is my fourth year as membership secretary and with each year I naively hope that all members will pay their subs. promptly after the A.G.M. - the due date.

I cannot understand why a small minority but significant number of members cannot or will not pay on time, perhaps like a child the more you nag the more stubborn they become or perhaps they hope they can get away without paying.

All I know is that it takes a lot of hard work by the treasurer to keep the club solvent. Members would soon complain if they did not receive a regular B.B., a costly part of the yearly budget.  I expect and hope subs. will be the same as last year with the usual discount for payment before the end of December.  So all you late payers.  Do your club a favour, pay on time please.  You know it makes sense!

Tackle Master's Report

Mike Wilson

Hello tackle hoarders!!

Having never run a tackle store before, I decided to list the priorities in advance.  They were :- Clear out the store.  Clean up the inner sanctum.  Inventory all the equipment and eventually increase the number of ladders available.  Finally, start collecting weights and components for a drop test rig (for ropes).

All the above objectives have been achieved with the help of "Slug" who cleared out the inner sanctum with me and the "Jake & Blake" ladder team who finished off the ongoing kit and ladder making.  We managed to resurrect the Touralit kit and press it to our advantage.

At the beginning of the year we had 11 ladders and 4 ropes.  The reason for the ladder shortages is 5 ladders permanently not booked out - at one stage 7 not booked out!  There will be 5 more ladders available by October '92 and 2 more in reserve. The Cuthbert's ladder will be scrapped and the 1 SRT rope also.

Unfortunately the frost damage to the Belfry meant that my efforts have not always been directed to the tackle store.  Next year ladder making will continue until we have 20 in stock and hopefully the rope test rig will be constructed.

There will be a car boot sale of B.E.C. kit at the A.G.M.