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Ian Dear Memorial Fund

A meeting was held recently between the Caving Sec., Sett and Bobby Bagshaw in order to clarify/update the IDMF rules.  These are as follows:-

1.                    Any applicant must be a fully paid-up member of the Bristol Exploration Club.

2.                    Any monies granted should go towards travel expenses.  This grant can be used worldwide and not just for Europe. Grants can be used for other expeditions, not just for caving.

3.                    All applications must be made to the current BEC committee who with their approval will pass it on to the IDMF trustees for approval.

4.                    The limit of the grant must not exceed one third of the cost of the expedition.

5.                    A full report must be written within three months of the applicants return, for the BB, and must be at least four sides of A4 size paper.

The trustees are the current Caving Sec., the current Treasurer, Mike Palmer and Sett.

Jeff Price.

Hut Engineer's Report

Nigel Taylor

I intend to break with my usual tradition of a long report.  You have all heard my views on those who don't care about the hut, and "can't be bothered to work on it" before.  I have held this post for three years, and I believe that it is time for a change in Hut Engineer.  Most especially so when one hears that other members would like a try at the post, and voice their views to this effect.  I understand that Trevor HUGHES is standing for election, and present committee members Ian CALDWELL and Graham JOHNSON also have their eyes on this post. Please consider this when voting at the A.G.M.

I am generally pleased with the overall state of the BELFRY, but a shortfall in club finances (until the St. Cuthbert's Report enters profit?) really restricts any proper re-vamping of the hut or major improvements.  Money is going to have to be spent on the front porch roof, rear weather-boards and bunk-room fire door in the not too distant future.  The club must decide WHAT and HOW the kitchen area is to be improved, but I leave this to the A.G.M.

At the time of writing, the excellent efforts of Pat CRONIN to install Central Heating are nearing completion.  The oil tanks are up, and full, and if lucky, we may just have a warm hut for the A.G.M. (No puns!).

I would like to thank all those who have helped me on the various working weekends, especially during last Winter/Spring when several members worked all day on five successive weekends in the attic after Jack FROST did his worst.

One of the problems this year has been advertising the working weekends due to the B.B. being issued at different times, but this in no way reflects on the tireless efforts of its editor.  He cannot be expected to bring out an empty B.B. just to advertise a working weekend. Past experience also shows that if you have long term fixed dates, members seem to be away up north, or it rains all weekend.

I should also like to thank all those stalwarts who have worked on their Hut and site, over the last three years, not to ignore those members wives, girlfriends (etc!) who though not always members themselves, mucked in on several occasions and supported their partners and the club.  I personally thank my wife, Vivi, who puts up with absences phone calls and has helped out with catering during my period in office.

I have great hopes that funds will be found in the future to make the improvements this hut so badly needs. I am still standing for election to the Committee, and if successful, would like to have a floating-post should the A.G.M. agree, in order that I can assist in fund raising and long term planning for the BELFRY.  May I offer my successor every helping hand he/she needs!