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Speleo Philippines

Bristol Exploration Club's Third Caving Expedition To The Philippines

Supported by the Sports Council

Please reply to:
Westbury Park
July 11, 1991

Dear Ted,

A couple of points for the next BB please:

  1. Please note my new address above - I shall be here until October.
  2. As many members will already know a small group of us - namely Trebor, Snablet, Jake and myself - are off to the Philippines later this year.  The expedition was planned as a low-key affair with members of the Sierra Madre Outdoor Club with whom I explored and surveyed the country's fourth¬≠longest system last year.

Things have escalated since planning commenced and we ~ now in full partnership with the National Mountaineering Federation of the Philippines.  Our equipment requirements have expanded to meet the stature of our new partners and, like all serious expeditions; we find that we have to resort to sending out begging letters.

We have promised the NMFP that we will provide them with four sets of personal SRT rigs - i.e. harnesses, jammers, descenders, crabs etc.  I wonder if any of your readers have any of these items surplus to their requirements?  For example, they may have recently up-graded their gear but the old stuff is still serviceable, or maybe they have simply got too old to need it.  Whatever, Speleo Philippines is after bargain-priced and free gear and donors will be rewarded with the knowledge that they have helped and encouraged enthusiastic cavers in an under-privileged nation.

All expedition members will be happy to supply further information to anyone who feels they can help us. What might just be an old crab to you will be a prized possession in the Philippines.