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Tree Hole

Situated in the Traligill Valley, Sutherland, this cave was 80m. long until our extensions of 28th and 30th April, 1991 brought the passage length to 120 m.  The cave has formed across the dip of the Main Treligill Thrust plane and carries part of the underground Traligill River, entering from a low sump (7) at the upstream end and disappearing into a roomy downstream sump which would be a worthwhile dive.

The writer entered the extensions by passing a flat-out squeeze in the stream not far from the entrance (Section C on the survey).  It was not realised then that the attractive walking-size streamway beyond was new stuff! After a hundred feet or so the passage narrowed down to a tight rift with the stream roaring into it.  The water was now augmented by what seems to be the main flow of the Traligill River pouring into the extension from a slot in the roof, creating a superb 5ft high waterfall.  On a later trip the terminal rift was pushed for 15ft to a clear, diveable sump below a dangerous boulder choke with black spaces visible beyond - a dodgy digging site!

The whole cave was later surveyed by Tony Boycott (BEC/UBSS), Julian Walford (UBSS/GSG) and the writer (GSG/BEC) hence the credits on the survey.  There is potential here for links both up and downstream with other caves in the valley.

Tony Jarratt