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The Bristol Exploration Club, The Belfry, Wells Road, Priddy, Wells, Somerset.
Editor: Ted Humphreys

1990 - 1991 Committee

Hon. Sec.                Martin Grass
Treasurer                 Chris Smart
Caving Sec.             Jeff Price
Hut Warden             Chris Harvey
Tackle Master          Stuart McManus
B.B. Editor               Ted Humphreys
Hut Engineer            Nigel Taylor
Membership Sec.     John Watson
                               Ian Caldwell 


Apologies to those who did not get their May BB’s until July!  This was due to me being out of the country (the U.S. and I will write it up!) and nobody could find my mailing list.

On my return I found lots of articles, not all of which I could get into this BB.  Please keep them coming, more will be needed for the October and Christmas BB's.

The biggest recent news is that Wigmore Swallet has 'gone'.  See article and survey, pages 12 to 25.  I was hoping to have a colour picture of Wigmore on the cover of this BB but the cost was prohibitive!  Much more is expected soon, possibly the Mendip 'Main Drain' and, who knows, maybe eventually, a through trip from Wigmore to Bowery Corner!

On the subject of the cover. Its about time the picture changed was. Has anyone got a black and white print I could use?  Preferably of somewhere on the Mendips.

The St. Cuthbert’s report is at the printers!  I've seen a couple of sample pages which were tremendous.  It sets new standards for caving reports and will certainly become a collector’s item.  The report is due to "hit the streets" in mid-September, in time for the BCRA conference.

The only other item (I didn't know where else to put it!) is that the IDMF is giving Jake £100 for the Philippines expedition.  See Jim's begging letter on page 19.