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The Bristol Exploration Club, The Belfry, Wells Road, Priddy, Wells, Somerset.
Editor: Ted Humphreys

1990 - 1991 Committee

Hon. Sec.                Martin Grass
Treasurer                 Chris Smart
Caving Sec.             Jeff Price
Hut Warden             Chris Harvey
Tackle Master          Stuart McManus
B.B. Editor               Ted Humphreys
Hut Engineer            Nigel Taylor
Membership Sec.     John Watson
                               Ian Caldwell 


The BB is late, again – a combination of excuses which I won’t bore you with!!  I’m afraid the synopsis of digs which was promised has note yet arrived.  Jake sloped off to Scotland with a large party of BECites – caving they said.  Perhaps an Article?  This is a larger BB than usual for the time of year thanks to the and a bit page American article that I’ve included.  I’m sure you’ll agree that it was worth it.

At this point I must remind you that any opinions expressed in the editorial are those of the editor and in no way should be taken to reflect those of the committee or of the Club.

The fact is that we seem to have a couple of problems which will, no doubt, be discussed at length at the A.G.M.

The first is non-payment of subs.  This year between twenty and thirty people have not paid, costing the Club at least £400. We always expect some to lose interest or to move away, of course, but it seems that some have discovered that they can pay every other year, say, and still have all the benefits of membership with the possible loss of a couple of BB's during the summer  (A great loss? - spare copies are always available in the library!).  I'm not saying it is deliberate but, whatever the reasons; it makes the job of the Club treasurer, and other members of the committee, very much more difficult and is unfair to those members who always pay on time.

Secondly, the problem of vandalism.  If you read the constitution (Item 7c) you will find that the Belfry and its contents (other than the property of individual members) belongs to the Club and is not the shared property of the members.  The Belfry has always been a fairly boisterous place, especially on Saturday nights, (Sofa Rugby etc.) but it should be remembered that replacements of crockery, furniture and such items usually depends on donations of the items to the Club from individual members.

There have been several examples of what I would call unacceptable vandalism of Club property in recent months.  I shall cite three cases: -

1.                    Using coffee mugs as balls for indoor cricket.

2.                    Chopping up furniture for firewood because the individual concerned thought it looked 'tatty'

3.                    Setting off fire extinguishers 'for fun'.

In the first case, the mugs were replaced, but the person who donated them in the first place will think twice before donating any more.  In the second case, I don't know the outcome but we're always short of seating.  I wonder why?  The third case is more serious as injuries could have been caused to other members.  The person concerned did present the treasurer with a blank cheque to repair the damage but what he probably didn't realise is that if a genuine emergency had occurred and it was found that the Club had, at the time, no useable extinguisher then our insurance policy would probably be invalidated.  I wonder if the blank cheque would have covered the cost of a new Belfry?

I seem to have gone on a bit though I still feel that some comment was needed.  If there are any differing views I will gladly put them in the BB.