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The Bristol Exploration Club, The Belfry, Wells Road, Priddy, Wells, Somerset.
Editor: Ted Humphreys

1990 - 1991 Committee

Hon. Sec.                Martin Grass
Treasurer                 Chris Smart
Caving Sec.             Jeff Price
Hut Warden             Chris Harvey
Tackle Master          Stuart McManus
B.B. Editor               Ted Humphreys
Hut Engineer            Nigel Taylor
Membership Sec.     John Watson
                               Ian Caldwell 


Please can I have more articles or anything to go in the BB.  I have nothing in reserve as usual!

Nothing sensational seems to have happened since Christmas, though lots of caving has been done.  I tell a lie!  There was one rescue in Eastwater.  A girl hurt her back in Dolphin Pot but was extricated successfully by the MRO.  The biggest casualty being Tony Boycott who crashed his car while on his way to attend the rescue and, I believe, damaged/broke some ribs.  I don’t seem to be very good at gathering the latest Mendip news so I've asked Jake if he'll write a synopsis for each BB - he's agreed! The first should appear in the next issue.

I have three letters in front of me from members whose addresses were incorrect (the corrected ones are on page 2).  The letters weren't specifically for publication in the BB but I'm sure they won't mind if I include some extracts from them here.

The first is from Clare Coase whose BB's have been sent to one of her neighbours for a long time and they're getting fed-up with running a delivery service - sorry Clare.  She would also like to say a big thank you to, and I quote “The Club members who were so super to us all, especially to those intrepid leaders of that caving trip with Damien and Nan".

The second is from Steve Milner, who says a largish article is almost ready for the BB and that he would give it to Tony & Trebor when they visited Oz after Christmas.  Where is it Steve?  Also how about an article from J'Rat or Trebor about their exploits?

The third is from Harry Stanbury and I shall quote the P.S. to the letter. "My wife does a very reasonable B & B for any BEC'ites who should happen to stray this far!!". That sounds like an offer too good to be missed if anyone gets to Bude!