The Bristol Exploration Club, The Belfry, Wells Road, Priddy, Wells, Somerset.
Editor: Ted Humphreys

Cover Picture: The Balcony Formations, St. Cuthbert's Swallet
(Part of a photograph taken by Phil Romford )


1990 – 1991 Committee

Hon. Sec                 Martin Grass
Treasure                  Christ Smart
Caving Sec.             Jeff Price
Hut Warden             Chris Harvey
Tackle Master          Stuart McManus
B.B. Editor               Ted Hunphreys
Hut Engineer            Nigel Taylor
Membership Sec.     John Watson
                               Ian Caldwell



This BB is not very Christmassy, I’m afraid.  Lost of people promised, articles and amusing snippets during autumn but few appeared. Things never change!  Anyway thanks to those who contributed and to Blitz who supplied me with Richard's ' Austria' article and the AGM minutes already on computer disk!

I suppose the biggest recent news is that we almost came close to winning the digging barrel this year. Richard Blake and Jake found 150' of new passage in St. Cuthbert’s leading from Marble Hall towards Lake Chamber.  They described it as loose and getting looser the further they went!  Unfortunately when Snablet went to investigate, the following Saturday, he had only penetrated about four feet into it when it all fell on him, smashing his hat, giving him some nasty bruises and leaving him shocked and mildly concussed.  He was lucky to get away that lightly!

I didn't get any serious volunteers to edit another BB Digest, ah well.

Other snippets of news (I might as well put them here as anywhere) are: -

Phil and Lil (Romford) are returning to the Mendips for good.  They should be here before Christmas.

December 30th is a clean up the Belfry day.  A working weekend will be held towards the end of January.

Another Disco is planned. I haven't got the details yet but think it's in late January or February.

If anyone finds any mistakes in the membership list, please let me know, especially if you know the addresses of non-life members where I've said 'address unknown'.

That's all for this year. I wish you all a Happy Christmas and a Merry New Year, or is that the other way round!

Annual Subs. - URGENT

As you will see from the AGM minutes the annual subscriptions were raised to £20 for single membership and £30 for joint membership.  However, only £16 and £24 respectively were due if paid before 31st of December.  The committee has extended the deadline for this rebate to 31st of January as some members won't know about the AGM until they receive this BB.


John Watson, Wells, Somerset


Caving Secretary's Report, 1990

Peter McNab

This year has been quite a good year for new finds (well aren't they all).  Unfortunately not many on Mendip, but it hasn't been for want of trying.


Eastwater has been a hive of activity - digging in the Southbank, Primrose Pot, Morton's Pot and Hard Rain.  As well as digging, a clear up operation has been progressing.  You will remember Eastwater is one of our "Adopt a Cave's", St. Cuthbert's is also our adopted cave.  Another attempt to pump sump 2 clear was made.  Unfortunately, the pump wasn't up to it.  Cheddar has been dived.  Welsh's Green is still being looked at.

Lots of work has also been done in caves such as Bowery Corner, Wigmore, Swildon's, Lodmore, Smitham's Hill Dig and Ridge Lane.  Unfortunately it doesn't look like we're going to win the digging barrel this year unless, of course, we can recruit the Oxford into the BEC (They've just found 200m. in Dallimore's), but we've still got Bowery up our sleeves!


Daren Cilau has been visited regularly this year, what with Xmas Parties and Rescue practices the Rock Steady Crew still found time to dig, resulting in 300m. of new passage heading in the general (ish) direction of Aggy.  D.Y.O. has been frequented by the BEC a few times this year, mainly by Rob Harper and Pat Cronin.  I don't know what or how much their respective digs have gone but I'm sure we will find out soon.  Pwll-Pen-y-Mynydd is being dug by Tav and co.  They've found about 90 ft.

Abroad.  (don't believe the place-name spellings - Ed.)

The BEC have been getting there again.  Bob and Dany have been caving into the 90's in Vietnam and found loads of caves.  BEC spent the New Year in Matienzo, explored a new bit of passage but had to leave it at the bottom of a climb.  Two small teams went to the Dachstein.  The BEC pushed 100m. on Magnum Holen and found a new cave called Blieshprital Holen with a huge, partly descended, shaft "Notzant in Mirror Shades".  The NCC also went and found another new cave, Hieldon Holen - 16 pitches - 2 km. long. A return visit is planned for Xmas. Jim Smart has been in the Philippines again. Jim and some Filipino mates found the fourth longest cave in the country.  The BEC have been in Jamaica, Mexico, New Zealand and probably many more places I haven't heard about!



Puck Suds - The Saga Continues.

This is an updated report to follow that published BB 453 (February 1990).

1990 started well with January seeing 8 trips.  54 loads of spoil out and 4.75 lb. bang used.  The last week of the month was noticeable for the atrocious weather which meant that the dig was given a wide berth!

By the beginning of February "Dipso" had been extended to some 30 feet and had taken a turn to the left - back along the strike.  This passage had also taken on the typical characteristics of the cave - flat out and wet!  During the month there were 10 trips.  100 loads to surface and 6 lb. bang used.  A good draught helped clear fumes and the shale roof was easily brought down to give more working space.  The long haul back to the entrance was becoming something of a minor epic but several temporary stacking spaces along the passage helped to ease the situation.

March was spent banging our way through several limestone pillars in "Dipso".  These separated the tiny streamway from an equally tiny upper tube.  90 loads reached surface and 6 lbs bang was used during 13 trips.  Some landscaping of the spoil heap was undertaken.

On April Fool's Day a misfire and visit by Dave "The Boy" Yeandle both seemed appropriate. During this month 65 loads carne out and 6 lbs. bang used over 9 trips.  Half of the work was concentrated on the dig site at the first bend in the cave where Skid Row begins - now named the "Corner Dig".  This would seem to be the original main passage of the cave but became completely mud choked.  On the original breakthrough there was no sign of this passage so the next three years were spent blasting out Skid Row!  By the end of April we had gained some 8 feet of relatively spacious rift passage, half full of water and very "porridgey" once digging commenced.  It's only saving grace was the short distance to drag bags back to the surface.

There were 9 trips in May, 69 loads and one dead rabbit reaching the surface and 2 lbs. bang used. Work was concentrated on the Corner Dig and at the end of the month we had about 12 feet of passage - at least 6 feet high in places but not excessively wide.  One of the Club hand pumps was used to drain the dig so that the floor could be more easily cleared.  On the 30th Tony Blick (CPC) again dowsed the site and confirmed his previous results, also finding a supposed passage heading to the N.E. at about 50 feet depth.

Work continued at both Dipso and Corner Dig during June when 8 visits took place.  62 loads carne out and 5 lbs. bang was fired.  By the end of the month the Corner Dig was 15 feet long, big enough to stand up in and relatively easy to work. Pumping was still necessary.

July saw only 4 trips when 36 loads were removed and 5lbs. bang detonated.  Since then only one working trip by the "Wendy's" has taken place due mainly to other projects notably in Eastwater Cavern. The onset of the rainy season means that little will be done here until next year when pumping and blasting at Corner Dig will continue.

More Diggers

D. Turner, J. Henley (missed from previous list to the extreme sorrow and embarrassment of the compiler).  A. Wllliams. B. Johnson and friends, I. Gregory, R. Blake, D. Yeandle, M. Wilson, C. Batstone, L. Williams, S. Taylor,  A. Garwood, S. Crook, J. Evans (All BEC).   G. Douglas, N. Webb, G. Duncan (SMCC).   N. Hawkes (WCC).  A. Farrant, S. Cottle, A. Gerrard (UBSS).



Vandalism In St Cuthberts

Ted Humphreys

For the first time ever in St. Cuthbert’s there has been deliberate destruction.  Two stalagmites in Victory Passage were smashed sometime this autumn.  One at the upper end, near the column with the fracture in it, and the other in the crawl just before the big part.  I think the culprit may be identifiable from the log and/or my suspicions.  I was absolutely horrified when I found them and was filled with foreboding as to what I might find further in.  Most of the bits are still there and can possibly be rebuilt.  Access to this beautiful and vulnerable (to morons) area may have to be reassessed.


I received the following plea from the heart from Greame Johnson (Bolt) at the beginning of December. Ed.

At the Belfry 11/11/1990. Two Bat Products Chloride Lamps and belts.  J'Rat's passed the ‘Streets are flowing with blood' phase, and is now into heavy breathing on the end of the phone.  I can't take much more.  Ring J'Rat or myself (Bolt) on Leicester (0533)861441 - Reverse Charges.

Now Available!

BEC T-Shirts at £6.80

and         BEC Sweat Shirts at £14.50

White (round) motif on dark blue, obtainable from J'Rat at Bat Products.   All proceeds to the club!  I've bought myself one of the sweat shirts and it seems excellent quality. Much better than the last lot! Ed.


Austria 1990 - The BEC Return to the Dachstein

Richard Blake

Despite a large amount of enthusiasm for this trip (where have I heard that one before?) only Snablet and I were actually going. This left us with somewhat of a problem how to carryall the kit between the two of us?

All of the Friday morning was spent trying to cram far too much kit into my rucksack which soon became too heavy to lift.  Just for a laugh I also decided to take two less than light tackle sacks full of bolts, rope and assorted bits and bobs.  Eventually with everything packed it was time to start the long journey.  In true BEC style I had arranged to meet Snablet in a bar at Victoria Railway Station as he was coming straight from work.

The kit was already beginning to cause me a lot of problems as I found that it was taking me about 10 minutes each time to get it up onto my back, much to the amusement of my fellow passengers.  Luckily I found the bar with no trouble and sat down on my mountain of equipment to await Snablet who appeared after only a couple of beers.

We got on the next train to Dover and made the connection with the Ostend ferry, taking in a few more beers en route. From Ostend it was, in theory, a simple job of catching three more trains to Salzburg.  There is a direct train but because we were late leaving we had missed it.  The route we took was Ostend to Cologne, to Munich, to Salzburg and the journey took about 22 hours.

Getting the kit off and on the train was an ordeal requiring the use of siege tactics.  We had cleverly omitted to obtain any German currency so unfortunately had no food or drink for the entire journey.  Another problem was that the train from Cologne to Munich was a limited stop express which cost us extra money (which we had to pay in Austrian schillings!) and that we found that we were constantly being thrown out of other peoples reserved seats.

On arrival in Salzburg our task was to catch the bus to Bad Ischl. Snablet stood in the queue at the information desk for 15 minutes only to be told that the last bus had just left 5 minutes ago.  So our first night in Austria was spent in the company of the rats at Salzburg railway station.  I had checked with a taxi driver how much it would cost but he had quoted me £75 so I told him what to do with it!  Before we went to sleep we had a good look around Salzburg looking into bars that made two dirty and unkempt British cavers feel a little out of place - we couldn't find a dive of a bar anywhere so went back to the bar in the station which stayed open to 12.30 anyway.  After it had closed you could still buy beer from a bloke wandering around the station with a large trolley.

We got up early next morning only to find out that we had several hours wait for the bus to Bad Ischl. From there we intended to catch the train to Obertran, however we sat there waiting for a train that didn't exist because we had both read the bus timetable and not the train timetable! We eventually realised our mistake and after only a short bus ride and walk we were at the military seilbahn. For me it was my first ride in a cable car and I enjoyed it immensely, certainly better than walking up the mountains with all that kit.

After something to eat and a few beers which seemed to go straight to my head (I think that this was due to the altitude) it was time to carry the kit to the Wiesberghaus.  After only a few moments we realised that it was impossible to carry it all across, the effort being too much for us after the long journey.  Snablet then came up with two brilliant ideas for getting out of carrying the kit:

  1. Catch a plane from London to Salzburg. You arrive within a couple of hours and your kit arrives 20 hours later in Australia leaving you nothing to carry!
  2. Buy a helicopter!

We decided to hide half the kit and made two trips as we hadn't caught a plane to Salzburg and we hadn't purchased a helicopter. Snablet was gob smacked as to how spotless the Glocken was, but it was not to last long.  A good first night was had in the bar of the Wiesberghaus but there was no sign of Lyn or Tuppa from the NCC who had said that they would be there. We settled instead for a 12 hour sleep to recover from the effects of journey, carrying far too much kit and the hospitality of Wolfgang and Elfi, the hut guardians.

Monday August 20th

We woke up at the crack of lunch after the first full nights sleep since Thursday.  We were still tired from the journey but a goulash soup went a long way to reviving us.  We packed the caving kit and set off to find Magnum Hohle.  I was impressed by Snablets memory of where the entrance was since no one had been down the cave since '87.  We also found another small entrance near to Magnum Hohle which we thought might be worth a later look.

We quickly rigged to the '87 limits where I climbed up and over some loose boulders for ten metres and up a boulder slope for twenty metres.  In the left hand wall a small insignificant hole with a small draught led to approximately forty metres of crawling passage.  The up dip passage then lead to a fifteen metre pitch into a chamber where the sound of running water could be heard.  We were very pleased with ourselves but by now it was getting on a bit, so after nine and a half hours caving and walking we returned to the Glocken arriving at 2.30 in the morning.  The only problem being that it had just started raining as we left the cave.

Tuesday August 21st

After 12 hours of solid rain I was beginning to feel very pleased that we had left Magnum Hohle when we did.  In the event no caving took place today although we spent a couple of hours prospecting up towards the Simony Hutte but gave up after we had got soaked to the skin and were cold and miserable.  The wind continued to blow throughout the day and later that night we had to open all the doors and windows in the Wiesberghaus as it was blowing all the smoke from the stove back into the bar and disrupting our drinking.

Wednesday August 22nd

We woke up late again, although this time I think this was probably due to the excess of Steigl beer that night.  Snablet can not even remember going to bed.  The weather was still bad so we decided against caving as we realised that with only two of us, rescue would be impossible, so we decided on some more prospecting.

We were looking somewhere under Brennten Kogel about 1 kilometre north east of Barengasse.  We found several interesting sites but all of them appeared to be choked.  Looking for caves in this terrain is both slow and difficult and the awful weather was not helping.

Snablet and I became parted and after a long time looking and shouting for him I gave up and headed back to the Wiesberghaus.  By this time the weather was getting worse and I was soaked to the skin and freezing cold. Snablet returned about one hour later after doing the same as me and as it was getting dark.  We had spent most of the day walking round in the rain and mist getting lost.  Elfi cooked us an excellent Wiener Schnitzel that evening which was the first full meal we had eaten since leaving Bristol.  The rest of the night was spent drinking beer and playing cards.

Thursday August 23rd

Finally the weather cleared up and we awoke to a beautiful morning.  We entered Magnum Hohle at about 11 am with more rope and additional bolts.  The draught at the entrance wasn't so strong but the cave was obviously much wetter following the previous two days of rain.  We had to re-rig the bottom 70 metres of the bottom pitch further away from the water and the lake at the bottom had risen by one and a half metres. This was not good as we realised that if it rose by the same amount again then it would cut off the 10 metre climb.

We quickly rigged the pitch into the chamber I had found on Monday.  This had a large active stream inlet coming out of the roof and we followed this downstream until I needed to peg a traverse line out over some deep pools to stay dry.  Snablet was amused by my aerobatics and made the comment that I appeared to be more frightened about getting wet than falling down 100 metre pitches.  At the end of the passage the stream sank in boulders in the floor.  These boulders rose up to the roof as a huge unstable pile.  When the going gets tough, the BEC stop for lunch.  After lunch I pushed around in the boulder choke dislodging some alarmingly large boulders in the process and found a route up to a point where I could see into a large black void above.

After some entertaining boulder moving and dislodging falling rocks I managed to squeeze through into a large chamber only to realise that I had been there before!  I had just completed a round trip back to the bottom of the main pitch by the lake.  This concluded the cave.  Now all that was remained to do was to survey and detackle.  This involved us in some interesting pendulums due to the way in which we had rigged the rope away from the water.

We finally surfaced after many hours of hardship hauling three very heavy tackle bags between the two of us; we decided to leave most of the kit at the cave entrance to carry back another day.  The walk back to the Wiesberghaus seemed harder than usual, this was however compensated for when we got back because the Wiesberghaus was still open and Wolfgang prepared an excellent meal for us.

Friday August 24th

When I woke up I could hardly move because of my aching muscles.  The idea of a rest day crossed our minds so we decided it was time to get some food from Halstatt to last us the rest of trip.  (So far food hadn't featured prominently in our plans).  Six hours of solid walking and a quick beer in the Divers Bar and we were back with one tackle sac full of food, we also picked up another tackle sac from Magnum Hohle so it was 7 pm when we began our rest day!  All Snablet could do was moan - he had just used up his last remaining non rancid Tee shirt, but we then enjoyed another evening of Wolfgang and Elfi's hospitality.

Saturday August 25th

We spent today looking for new caves and shaft bashing in the area around Gjaid-Alm.  We found several new entrances that the Austrian cavers had marked which looked very good.  These were numbered 74+, 75+ and 30+.  Snablet checked out another cave but found it to be choked, but with a strong draught disappearing into the boulders.  This set the scene as everything else we found was choked.  We found that the problem with searching for new cave is in fact a lot of people have looked in the areas close to the Wiesberghaus, so we were looking in areas about two hours walk away, well off the few paths and well away from cairns. Snablet remarked that there were fewer snowplugs this year and we found that dehydration was a real problem today.  Wolfgang and Elfi told us that evening that they are keen for us to find a cave with water in it near to the Wiesberghaus so as to provide them with a reliable drinking water supply.  We also found that we were beginning to run low on money but Wolfgang and Elfi are continuing to provide us with lots of good grub.

Sunday August 26th

We got up late today and decided on a days prospecting over on the far side of Grun Kogel.  Just as the area started to look interesting we had to shelter from what we thought was going to be a passing shower. Unfortunately it didn't ease off and a thunder storm followed.  We started back towards the Wiesberghaus as we were about two hours walk away but our walk soon developed into a run as the lightning began landing all around us (Donner and Blitzen!).  We considered the idea of curling up into little balls and waiting for the storm to pass but decided firstly that we would feel like real prats, secondly that we would probably die of exposure if the storm lasted all night and thirdly that we didn't like the idea that we were the two most prominent features on the mountain and that we were carrying lots of lightening attracting metal objects in an area of nothing but limestone.  As we got closer to the Wiesberghaus our pace quickened again as the lightening was by now landing less than 100 metres away, close enough to see the explosion when it landed!.  Eventually we crashed through the door of the Glocken, exhausted and drenched.  The storm was magnificent to watch from the relative safety of the Wiesberghaus and we were advised not to go outside again. At the height of the hail storm the thunder and lightening strikes were averaging about one every three seconds.

Monday August 27th

We woke up this morning with a mega hangover due to our enforced stay the night before in the Wiesberghaus, and the fact that we were drinking all night with Wolfgang, Elfi and her father.  The weather forecast was again bad with more thunder and lightening promised.  We decided to take Wolfgang caving and afterwards we were invited in for a quiet drink which included a bottle of Schnaps. This wiped out the rest of the day and my few remaining brain cells.

Tuesday August 28th

Mozart in Mirrorshades - This is the name of the first pitch in the new cave that we found today.  We had gone back to the area we had been looking at on Monday and soon found a very promising entrance.  We called the cave Bleistiftspitzerschaft - Pencil Sharpener Shaft.

The cave has two entrances. One is a four metre climb down through the roof but the main entrance is a 3 metre by one and a half metre hole that descends at an angle of approximately 40 degrees for 100 metres to the first pitch.  Stones tossed down this were taking 14 seconds to land but were hitting several ledges.  One of the rocks that we dropped must have destroyed a ledge because it sounded as though the whole cave was collapsing.  Snablet was saying it was the biggest entrance that he had seen on the Dachstein plateau.  We marked the entrance and made our way back to the Wiesberghaus cairning the route as we went.

Back at the Wiesberghaus we had a quick Skiwasser and returned to Magnum Hohle to collect the rest of our kit.  That evening Elfi cooked us a wonderful meal of venison which we ate in the company of a botany student.  We had a few beers to celebrate our find although we were feeling a little apprehensive about rigging the pitch as it had the feeling of a deep one.  In Snablets immortal poetry "Its a shed spreader!"

Wednesday August 29th

We got up early today in preparation for a long day.  We had packed all the necessary equipment the night before so it was only after a short time that we set off with two very heavy tackle sacs.  The climb up the climb proved difficult with all the tackle and an additional complication was the heat.

On arrival at Bleistiftspitzerschaft we changed and surveyed down to the first pitch.  This was approximately 97 metres long with a depth of just over 55 metres.  I then began bolting the pitch.  We first rigged a handline at the pitch head as we knew that this would be invaluable in the event of a flood.  A traverse was rigged out on the left hand wall which proved most entertaining because a lot of loose rock kept falling off.  Indeed a lot of gardening was necessary but I had soon placed a couple of bolts and it was time for lunch.  When the going gets tough the BEC stop for lunch.

After lunch I descended for about 50 metres via a rebelay to a rock bridge.  I placed the sixth bolt and paused to look around.  In front of me was a very large empty space, I couldn't even begin to estimate its size as I couldn't see the walls.  I threw some rocks down below me and they took four seconds to land but I could also hear some of them rattling down another pitch for an unknown distance.  I then shouted to Snablet to come on down (What is this - some kind of quiz show?). He said that he was going to check the weather first. When he returned he told me that a thunderstorm was probably coming very shortly.  Needless to say I came back up the pitch de-rigging very quickly.  When we reached the surface the immensity of what we had found began to dawn on us.  We realised that we didn't have enough rope to get down the next pitch, that the weather was obviously looking very bad, that it was getting dark and that we had a two hours plus walk in front of us.  We decided to return to the Wiesberghaus.  The walk back was hell in the dark with route finding problems and very heavy tackle sacs.  However the path was regularly lit up by the lightning that was merrily striking all around.

Thursday August 30th

We decided that today was to be a rest day.  We also had to pack our kit as Wolfgang wanted to send it down on the Seilbahn for us to pick up tomorrow.  Consequently we took the opportunity to take Wolfgang caving again.  I took him as far as the first pitch in Magnum Hohle and he enjoyed the trip very much, he may even come with us next year.  Our last night in the Wiesberghaus was excellent with the accompaniment of live Austrian music and an excess of alcohol.  I had to help Elfi's father to bed as he was so drunk he could hardly walk.  Mind you neither could I.  And where was Snablet all this time.  When the going gets tough, Snablet goes to bed.

Friday & Saturday September 1st & 2nd

All that was left today was to say our goodbyes, to walk down and to pick up our kit.  Just before we left we were given a bottle of Schnaps to take with us.  While we were walking down we met Gofried, our friend the botanist and we walked down with him.  Wolfgang had given us two lock combinations so we able to get into the Seilbahn hut to get our kit and also so that we were able to get a beer out of the store room. Gofried proved to be a great help as he carried 200 metres of rope for us down to Halstatt.

At this point in time Snablet had only 14 schillings left (about 60 pence) and I only had enough to get us to Salzburg. Thankfully the journey to Salzburg was uneventful and we quickly spent our remaining Austrian money on Steigl beer in the station bar.  While we were there an Austrian caver recognised our caving kit and came into the bar to look for us.  He instantly recognised us as we were in the same state as he was!  We talked to him for some time and agreed to exchange caving literature with him.

was livened up at Munich when a group of heavy metal fans came into our carriage with a crate of beer.  We all got very drunk and when we woke up the carriage looked like the Belfry after a Saturday night session.  That is all I remember about Germany and the rest of the continent, although I do remember getting back to Bristol about 7.30 pm on the Saturday and heading out to the Hunters for a beer.

A very special thank you has to go to Wolfgang, Elfi and Guste because they treated us so very well. We were always made most welcome at all times and there is no way in which we can repay them for all the hospitality they extended to us.  Anyone, whether caving or not, will have an excellent time there.

Austria 1991

For anyone interested we will be returning next year in the last two weeks of August.  Blitz has already written seeking a Sports Council and Ghar Parau grant.  We have obviously found a large cave which will probably need a minimum of ten people to push.  As it is so far from the Wiesberghaus we will have to set up some form of camp/bivy near the cave.  So anybody interested contact me.


Public Notice.

This is a public notice regarding Mrs Grass and Blitz who are "Just Good Friends".

The "Belfry Underground" mission states that after a long and exhausting investigation, we would like to state that: -

Glenys does not drag Blitz up stairs by a boat hook locked into his nose, slash his clothes off with a Stanley knife and nail him to the bed with 6" nails (He has never been a missionary).

Furthermore, she does not stuff a dirty diaphragm into his mouth and shave off all the hairs on his body with a blunt cut-throat razor!!

And there is definitely no substance to the rumour that Blitz has been hospitalised for severe cigarette burns to his nipples and other private parts!!

The truth is - he had an operation on his back!!

Anyone who persists in spreading rumours may be subject to birth and libel pains, or the aforementioned method of torture. WOW!!*?

P.S. Zot states that he is conducting courses on the above methods in the library.

. . . . . . . . . .. by our own investigative reporter

 (you know who! - Ed.)


AGM Minutes

Minutes of the Annual General Meeting of the Bristol Exploration Club held at the Belfry October 6th 1990

The meeting was convened by the Secretary, Martin Grass, there being a quorum at 10.35.


Martin Grass, Bob Hill, Chris Batstone, Nigel Taylor, Kangy King, Dave Turner, Dany Bradshaw, Bob Cork, Mr Wilson, Nick Gymer. Kev Gurner, Sharon Beattie, Chris Smart, Glenys Grass, Richard Payne, Babs Williams, Jeff Price, Arthur Griffin, Stewie Lain, John Turner, Brian Prewer, Trevor Hughes. Mhairi Rands, Axel Knutson, Dave Aubrey, Terry Earley, Snablet, Ted Humphreys, Paul Hodgson, John Watson, Dick Fred, Steve Redwood, Andy Cave, S J McManus, Andy Middleton, Tim Large, Graham Wilton-Jones, Nick Sprang, Ian Caldwell, Matt Tuck, Mike McDonald, Rob Harper, Chris Harvey.


Pat Cronin, Alan Butcher, Nigel Dibben, Blake, Richard Steve Tuck, Dave Lennard, Lisa Taylor, Andy Sparrow, Sparrow, Steve Milner, Barry Wilton, Lavina Watson, Jeremy Henley, Miles Barrington, Brian Van Luipen.


Nominations were requested for Chairman of the meeting.  Bob Cork was unanimously elected, there being no other candidates.

Minutes of the 1989 AGM

Previously published in the BB and were taken as read.

Matters arising from the minutes

1.                  The Roy Bennett Memorial plaque had not been installed.  Tim Large said it was to be placed in Cerberus Hall but he was awaiting Joan Bennett to approve the wording.

2.                  Life Membership - The 1989-90 Committee had looked at this and decided to take each application separately.  It was stated on behalf of the Committee that they would only have considered members living overseas.

For acceptance of the 1989 AGM minutes by the meeting.

Proposed: Dany Bradshaw
Seconded: Martin Grass
Carried unam.

Secretary's Report

Previously published in the BB.

For acceptance of the report by the meeting.

Proposed: Chris Smart
Seconded: Nigel Taylor
Carried unam.

Hon Treasurer's Report

Previously published in the BB.

Discussions on the Belfry account ended in Nigel Taylor proposing that the next Committee look raising hut subs

Seconded: Bob Hill. Carried unam.

Tim Large asked where the money to publish the St. Cuthbert’s Report would come from.  It was reported that an appeal for pledges had been made in the BB and that the club was looking for donations.

Andy Middleton asked how well the September disco had gone  Blitz replied that it would appear on next year accounts but that it had made a profit of approximately £450.

For acceptance of the report by the meeting.

Proposed: Dany Bradshaw
Seconded: Trevor Hughes
Carried with one abstention.
Nil against.

Auditor's Report

The Chairman read out the Auditor's Report at the meeting.   This stated that the Treasurers accounts were a true representation of the finances of the club. 

For acceptance of the report by the meeting.

Proposed: Tim Large
Seconded: Dany Bradshaw
Carried with one abstention.
Nil against.

Caving Secretary's Report

Read at the meeting. To be published in the BB.

For acceptance of the report by the meeting.

Proposed: Rob Harper
Seconded: Dany Bradshaw
Carried unam.

Hut Warden's Report

Previously published in the BB.

Glenys Grass asked for a breakdown of bed nights by members and guests.  This was supplied by the Treasurer as 863 BEC, 54 Reciprocal, 575 Guest bed nights.  Blitz then proposed a vote of thanks to the Hut Warden for his hard work.  Seconded: Dany Bradshaw

It was stated however that the external hut site needs tidying up.

Carried unam.

For acceptance of the report by the meeting.

Proposed: Dany Bradshaw
Seconded: Stuart MacManus
Carried with two abstentions.
Nil against.

BB Editor's Report

Previously published in the BB

Mac then proposed a vote of thanks to the BB Editor for his hard work.

Seconded: Dany Bradshaw

Carried unam.

For acceptance of the report by the meeting.

Proposed: Dany Bradshaw
Seconded: Stuart MacManus
Carried unam.

Librarian's Report

Previously published In the BB

Books are still going missing, some are signed out and some are not.  Some considerable discussion ensued concerning access to the Library, which books could or could not be removed from the Library and the possible charging of deposits.

Nick Sprang then proposed the following: Any member failing to return Library items without good reason within a reasonable time will be subject to action by the Committee under section 3g of the Constitution.

Seconded: Dave Turner

An amendment was then made to the proposal to change "reasonable time" to two months.

Proposed: Nigel Taylor
Seconded: Bob Hill
Votes for the amendment.  For 28, Against 7, Abstentions 2
Votes for the amended proposal.  For 31, Against 3, Abstentions 1.

Trev Hughes then proposed that - Rare books may only be loaned out to members at the discretion of the Committee and that a deposit may be charged.

Votes for the proposal - For 8, Against 23, Abstentions 7

For acceptance of the report by the meeting.

Proposed: Dany Bradshaw
Seconded: Stuart MacManus
Carried unam.

Ian Dear Memorial Fund Report

A verbal report had been given by Snablet in his Caving Secretary's Report.  He reminded the meeting that £70 had been given to Richard Blake this summer to attend the BEC Dachstein expedition.  The following polite thank you from Richard was then read out to the meeting by Sharon Beattie:-

"I must thank the committee of the BEC and the trustees of the Ian Dear Memorial Fund for their generous contribution towards my trip to Austria.  May the fund help many more young cavers who find themselves in the position of being short of funds."

A proposal was then made by Mac that the BEC do not transfer any money to the IDMF this year.

Seconded: Nigel Taylor

Votes for the proposal - Carried with one abstention.

Dany Bradshaw proposed that the club publish in the BB prior to Xmas the details of the fund and the names of the trustees.  The new Caving Secretary will contact the trustees to ensure that they are willing to continue in this role.

Seconded: Stuart MacManus

Carried unam.

Hut Engineer’s Report

Previously published in the BB

The Treasurer pointed out that an incorrect figure appears in the Hut Engineer's Report.  The cost of insulating the loft should have read £350.

Dany Bradshaw asked if the fire regulations had been complied with.  Nigel replied that they had.  Dany Bradshaw further asked if the new Committee could double check this as work recommended by a previous fire officer had not been undertaken.

For acceptance of the amended report by the meeting

Proposed: Paul Hodgeson
Seconded: Dick Fred
Carried unam.

Membership Secretary's Report

Previously published in the BB

The outgoing Committee then put the following proposal to the meeting - That the subscription be raised to £16 for single membership and £24 for Joint membership.

An amendment was then made to the proposal such that the subscription be raised to £20 (single membership) and £30 (joint membership) with a £4 (single membership) or £6 (Joint membership) discount for subscriptions paid by December 31st.

Proposed: Dave Turner
Seconded: Graham Wilton Jones
Votes for the amendment - Carried with one abstention
Votes for the amended proposal - Carried with one abstention

The Committee also proposed that members who can not pay their subscriptions in one lump sum may apply to the Committee for stage payments.

Carried with three against and one abstention

For acceptance of the report by the meeting.

Proposed: John Turner
Seconded: Rob Harper
Carried unam.

The meeting adjourned for lunch at 12.30 and resumed again at 13.10.

1990-91 Committee

As no proposals for Committee posts had been received the Chairman asked for nominations from the floor. Jeff Price was proposed by Nigel Taylor and seconded by Chris Smart. Possible commercial interests/conflicts of interest were then asked to be revealed.  Chris Smart declared that he was the Treasurer of the Council of Southern Caving Clubs.

The following were then voted onto the Committee.

Martin Grass            one against
Stuart MacManus     unam
Chris Smart             two against
Nigel Taylor              unam
Chris Harvey            unam
Ted Humphreys        unam
John Watson            unam
Ian Caldwell             unam
Jeff Price                 unam

The Chairman then asked for nominations for the Committee posts.

Secretary - Martin Grass            Pro Nigel Taylor Sec Dick Fred               Carried with one against

Treasurer - Chris Smart Pro Dave Turner             Sec Nigel Taylor            Carried with two against

Hut Warden ­ Chris Harvey          Pro Rob Harper Sec Ian Caldwell            Carried unam

Hut Engineer - Nigel Taylor         Pro Chris Batstone         Sec Stuart MacManus    Carried with two against

Caving Secretary - Jeff Price Pro Stuart McManus            Sec Ted Humphreys       Carried unam

BB Editor – Ted Humpreys         Pro Rob Harper              Sec Sharon Beatie         Carried unam

Membership Secretary - John Watson Smart        Pro Dick Fred                Sec Chris Smart             Carried unam

Carried Tackle Master - Stuart McManus             Pro Chris Batsone          Sec Bob Hill        Carried unam

Floating member – Ian Caldwell               Pro Martin Grass           Sec Graham Wilton Jones

Carried unam

Non Committee Posts

Librarian - Mike McDonald                      Pro Stuart McManus      Sec Snablet                  Carried unam

Auditor - Barrie Wilton                Pro Stuart McManus      Sec Joan Bennett          Carried unam

St. Cuthbert’s Report

Kangy King read the report (St. Cuthbert’s Swallet Report Progress) to the meeting.

Dave Turner proposed that the BEC underwrite the pledges of money from any member to pay for the report and to guarantee to pay it back within five years.

Seconded: Dany Bradshaw.

An amendment was then made to the proposal by Nigel Taylor that the time limit be two years.

Seconded: Dany Bradshaw
Votes for the amendment - 18 for, 8 against, 12 abstentions.
Votes for the amended proposal - 20 for, 5 against, 8 abstentions.

Mac proposed that the incoming Committee decide on a mechanism for how the money will be paid back.

Seconded: Dave Turner
Votes for the proposal - 22 for, 0 against, 2 abstentions.

The Chairman proposed a vote of thanks to the Cuthbert’s Report working party.

Seconded: Dick Fred
Carried unam

St. Cuthbert’s Lease

A verbal report was given by Nigel Taylor.  The lease is now all signed, sealed and delivered.  A letter was read to the meeting from Andrew Sparrow regarding the clubs relationship with Walt Foxwell (letter dated October 5th 1990).  Ian Caldwell recommended that any feuding or problems with Walt be forgotten as soon as possible and left for time to heal the scars.

Members Resolutions

None had been received

Any Other Business

a)       The meeting asked that the requirements for St. Cuthbert’s leadership be published in the BB in the immediate future. 

Carried unam

b)       Dick Fred proposed that a day fees box be put in the Changing Room. 

Seconded: Ian Caldwell. 
Carried with two against.

c)       Dick Fred proposed that the Committee look into the feasibility of installing an automatic fire extinguishing system for the Library.

Seconded: Glenys Grass. 
Votes for the proposal - 14 for, 12 against, 4 abstentions.

There being no other business the Chairman closed the meeting at 14.16.


Bristol Exploration Club - Membership List 16/12/90

828 Nicolette Abell                    Faukland, Bath
987 Dave Aubrey                       Salisbury, Wiltshire.
20 (L) Bobby Bagshaw               Knowle, Bristol, Avon
392 (L) Mike Baker                    Midsomer Norton, Bath, Avon
1150 David Ball                         Broadheath, Horsham, West Sussex
1024 Miles Barrington                Clutton, Avon
1145 Roz Bateman                    East Harptree, Bristol Avon.
818 Chris Batsone                     Tynings, radstock, Avon
1151 Diane Baxter                     Horsham, West Sussex.
1079 Henry Bennett                   London.
390 (L) Joan Bennett                 Draycott, Somerset
1122 Clive Betts                        Clapham, Bedfordshire.
769 Sue Bishop                        Tynings, Radstock.
1125(J) Rich Blake                    Lawrence Weston, Bristol
1152(J) Sue Beattie                   Lawrence Weston, Bristol
731 Bob Bidmead                      Leigh Woods, Bristol
364 (L) Pete Blogg                    Chaldon, Caterham, Surrey
1114 Pete Bolt                          Cardiff, S. Gamorgan
145 (L) Sybil Bowden-Lyle          Calne, Wiltshire
1104 Tony Boycott                    Westbury on Trim, Bristol, Avon
868 Dany Bradshaw                  Haybridge, Wells, Somerset
1137 Robert Bragg                    Odd Down, Bath, Avon
751 (L) T.A. Bookes                  London, SW2
1140 D Bromhead                     Worlse, Avon
1082 Robin Brown                     Woolavington, Bridgwater, Somerset
1108 Denis Bumford                  Westcombe, Shepton Mallet
1131 Steve Bury                        Worcester
924 (J) Aileen Butcher               Holt, Trowbridge, Wiltshire
849 (J) Alan Butcher                  Holt, Trowbridge, Wiltshire
956 (J) Ian Caldwell                   Clifton, Bristol
1036 (J) Nicola Caldwell             Clifton, Bristol
1091 William Curruthers             Holcombe Bath
1014 Chris Castle                      Axbridge, Somerset
1062 Andy Cave                        Old Mills, Paulton
902 (L) Martin Cavender             Westbury-sub-Mendip, Wells, Somerset.
1135 Richard Chaddock             Butliegh, Wooton, Glastonbury
1048 Tom Chapman                  Cheddar, Somerset.
1003 Rachel Clarke                   Draycott, Nr. Cheddar, Somerset
1030 Richard Clarke                  Axbridge, Somerset
211 (L) Clare Coase                   Berkeley-Vale, New South Wales, 2259, Australia
620 Phil Coles                          Totterdown, Bristol
89 (L) Alfie Collins                     Litton, Somerset
377(L) Dick Cooke-Yarborough   Address unknown for some years
727 Bill Cooper                         Address unknown
862 Bob Cork                            Stoke St. Michael, Somerset
1121 Nicholas Cornwell-Smith    Oldham Common, Bristol
1042 Mick Corser                      Cringleford, Norwich, Norfolk
827 Mike Cowlishaw                  Winchester, Hants.
890 Jerry Crick                          Leighton Buzzard, Bucks
896 Pat Cronin                          Knowle, Bristol
1144 Sophie Crook                    Roath, Cardiff
680 Bob Cross                          Knowle, Bristol
1132 Robert Crowe                    London
405 (L) Frank Darbon                 Vernon, British Columbia, Canada
423 (L) Len Dawes                    Minster Matlock, Derbyshire
815 Nigel Dibden                       Holmes Chapel, Cheshire
164 (L) Ken Dobbs                    Beacon Heath, Exeter, Devon
829 (J) Angie Dooley                 Harborne, Birmingham
710 (J) Colin Dooley                  Harborne, Birmingham
1000 (L) Roger Dors                  Priddy, Somerset
1038 Alan Downton                   Headingley, Leeds
830 John Dukes                        Street, Somerset
996 Terry Earley                        Wyle, Warmister, Wiltshire
322 (L) Bryan Ellis                     Westonzoyland, Bridgwater, Somerset
1133 Stephen Ettienne              Hayes, Middlesex
1143 Jane L. Evans                   Roath, Cardiff
232 Chris Falshaw                     Fulwood, Sheffield
1148 Roy Farmer                      Shepton Mallet, Somerset
269 (L) Tom Fletcher                 Bramcote, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire
404 (L) Albert Francis                Wells, Somerset
569 (J) Joyce Franklin                Stone, Staffs
469 (J) Pete Franklin                 Stone, Staffs
897 Andrew Garwood                 Pulborough, West Sussex
1142 Angela Garwood                Roath, Cardiff
835 Len Gee                             St. Edgeley, Stockport, Cheshire
1098 Brian Gilbert                     Chingford, London
1069 (J) Angie Glanvill               Chard, Somerset
1017 (J) Peter Glanvill                Chard, Somerset
647 Dave Glover                        Pamber End, Basingstoke, Hampshire
1054 Tim Gould                         Newhaven, Edinburgh
860 (J) Glenys Grass                 Ridgewell, Essex
790 (J) Martin Grass                  Ridgewell, Essex
1009 Robin Gray                       St. Mary’s Road, Meare, Somerset
1123 Ian Gregory                       Clapham., Bedford
1124 Martin Gregory                  Clapham, Bedfordshire
1113 Arthur Griffin                     Alperton, Wembley
1089 Kevin Gurner                     Theydon Bois, Epping, Essex
1088 Nick Gymer                      Theydon Bois, Epping, Essex
582 Chris Hall                           Long Lane, Redhill, Bristol
432(L) Nigel Hallet                     Address unknown for some years
104 (L) Mervyn Hannam             St Annes, Lancashire
999 Rob Harper                         Somerset
581 Chris Harvey                       Paulton, Somerset
4 (L) Dan Hassell                      Moorlynch, Bridgwater, Somerset
1078 Mike Hearn                       Compton Bishop, Axbridge, Somerset
1117 Pete Hellier                       Nempnet Thrubwell, Chew Stoke, Bristol
974 Jeremy Henley                    Shepton Mallet, Somerset
952 Bob Hill                              Sultanate of Oman
1105 Joanna Hills                      Billinshurst, W. Sussex
373 (J) Sid Hobbs                      Priddy, Wells Somerset
736 (J) Sylvia Hobbs                  Priddy, Wells Somerset
905 Paul Hodgson                     Burcott, Wells, Somerset
898 (J) Liz Hollis                       Batcombe, Shepton Mallet, Somerset
899 (J) Tony Hollis                     Batcombe, Shepton Mallet, Somerset
1094 Peter Hopkins                   Keynsham, Bristol.
971 Colin Houlden                     Briston, London, SW2
923 Trevor Hughes                     Bleadney, Wells, Somerset
855 Ted Humphreys                  Wells, Somerset
73 Angus Innes                         Alveston, Bristol, Aven
540 (L) Dave Irwin                      Priddy, Somerset
1141 Gary Jago                         Farrington Guerney, Avon
922 Tony Jarratt                        Priddy, Somerset
668 Mike Jeanmaire                  Peak Forest, Buxton, Derbyshire
1026 Ian Jepson                        Beechen Cliff, Bath
51 (L) A Johnson                       Flax Bourton, Bristol
995 Brian Johnson                     Ottery St. Mary, Devon
1001 Graeme Johnson               Cosby, Leicester
1111 Graham Johnson               Wells, Somerset
560 (L) Frank Jones                   Priddy, Somerset
907 Karen Jones                       Stoke St. Michael, Somerset
567 (L) Alan Kennett                  Henleaze, Brsitol
884 John King                           Wisborough Green, West Sussex
316 (L) Kangy King                    Pucklechurch, Bristol, Aven
542 (L) Phil Kingston                 Brisbane, Queensland, 4122, Australia
413 (L) R. Kitchen                     Horrabridge, Yelverton, Devon
946 Alex Ragnar Knutson          Bedminster, Bristol
1116 Stuart Lain                        Yeovil, Somerset
667 (L) Tim Large                      Shepton Mallet
1129 Dave Lennard                    Wells, Somerset
1015 Andrew Lolly                     Kingsdowm, Bristol
1065 Mark Lovell                       Brislington, Bristol
1043 Andy Lovell                       Templecloud, Bristol
1072 Clive Lovell                        Keynsham, Bristol
1057 Mark Lumley                     Stoke St. Michael, Somerset
1100 Sarah McDonald               London
1022 Kevin Macklin                   Clevedon, Avon
1149 Ian Marchant                     Hove, Sussex
106 (L) E.J. Mason                    Henleaze, Bristol
651 Pete MacNab (Sr)               Cheddar, Somerset
1052 (J) Pete MacNab (Jr)          Alexandra Park, Redland, Bristol
1071 Mike McDonald                 Knowle, Bristol, Avon
550 (L) R A MacGregor              Baughurst, Basingstoke, Hants
725 Stuart McManus                 Priddy, Somerset
558 (L) Tony Meaden                 Westbury, Bradford Abbas, Sherborne, Dorset
704 Dave Metcalf                       Whitwick, Leics.
1044 Andrw Middleton               Earlsfield, London.
1053 Steve Milner                      S.A. 5051, Australia
936 Dave Nichols                      Praze, Camborne, Cornwall
1086 Richard Neville-Dove          Keynsham, Bristol
936 Dave Nicholls                      Praze, Camborne, Cornwall
852 John Noble                         Paulton, Bath
624 Jock Orr                             Sturton-by-Stowe, Lincoln
396 (L) Mike Palmer                  Yarley, Wells, Somerset
1045 Rich Payne                       Sidcup , Kent
22 (L) Les Peters                      Knowle Park, Bristol Avon
1134 Martin Peters                    Chew Stoke, Avon.
1107 Terry Phillips                     Denmead, Hants.
499 (L) A. Philpot                      Bishopston, Bristol, Avon
1037 Dave Pike                         High Littleton, Nr. Bristol, Avon
337 Brian Prewer                       Priddy, Wells, Somerset
1085 Duncan Price                    Exhall, Coventry
886 Jeff Price                            Knowle, Bristol, Avon
1109 Jim Rands                        Stonebridge Park, London NW10
481 (L) John Ransom                 Patchway, Bristol, Avon
1126 Steve Redwood                 Banwell, Nr. Weston-super-Mare, Somerset
343(L) Tony Rich                       Address unknown for some years
662 (J) John Riley                      Chapel le Dale, Ingleton, Via Carnforth, Lancs.
1033 (J) Sue Riley                     Chapel le Dale, Ingleton, Via Carnforth, Lancs
1070 Mary Robertson                Stonebridge Park, London, NW10
985 Phil Romford                       Address unknown yet!!
921 Pete Rose                          Crediton, Devon
832 Roger Sabido                      Lawrence Weston, Bristol
240 (L) Alan Sandall                  Nailsea, Avon
359 (L) Carol Sandall                 Nailsea, Avon
760 Jenny Sandercroft               c/o Barrie Wilton
237 (L) Bryan Scott                   Winchester Hnts
570 Joy Dcovell                         Transvaal, South Africa
78 (L) R Setterington                 Taunton, Somerset
213 (L) Rod Setterington            Harpendon, Herts
1046 Dave Shand                      Address unknown as yet
1128 Vince Simmonds               Eat Harptree, Avon
881 Alistair Simpson                 Yarley, Wells, Somerset
915 Chris Smart                        Nr. Bradford on Avon, Wilts
911 Jim Smart                          Bristol
1041 Laurence Smith                 West Horrington, Wells, Somerset
823 Andy Sparrow                     Priddy, Somerset
1063 Nicholas Sprang                Whittington Worcestershire
1 (L) Harry Stanbury                  Bude, Cornwall
38(L) Mrs I Stanbury                  Address unknown
1138 Jonathan Stanniland          Worlebury, Weston-super-Mare, Avon
575 (L) Dermot Statham             Westcombe, Shepton Mallet, Somerset
365 (L) Roger Stenner                Weston super Mare, Avon
1084 Richard Stephens              Wells, Somerset
867 Rich Stevenson                   Street, Somerset
583 Derek Targett                      East Horrington, Wells Somerset
1115 Rob Taviner                       High Street, East Harptree
1039 Lisa Taylor                        Weston, Bath
772 Nigel Taylor                        Langford, Avon
1147 Simon Taylor                    Draycott, Cheddar, Somerset
1139 Fiona Teague                    Leeds
1035 John Theed                       Farmborough, Bath
284 (L) Alan Thomas                 Priddy, Somerset
348 (L) D Thomas                      Bartlestree, Hereford
571 (L) N Thomas                      Salhouse, Norwich, Norfolk.
1067 Fiona Thompson               Stoke Gifford, Bristol
699 (J) Buckett Tilbury               High Wycombe, Bucks
700 (J) Anne Tilbury                   High Wycombe, Bucks
74 (L) Dizzie Thompsett-Clark    Great Baddow, Chelmsford, Essex
381 (L) Daphne Towler               Bognor Regis, Sussex
382 Steve Tuck                         Dousland, Yelverton, Devon
1023 Matt Tuck                         Dousland, Yelverton, Devon
1136 Hugh Tucker                     Westham, Wedmore, Somerset
1066 Alan Turner                       Leigh on Mendip, Bath, Avon
678 Dave Turner                        Leigh on Mendip, Bath, Avon
912 John Turner                        Tavistock, Devon.
1154 Karen Turvey                     Hemmock, Cullompton, Devon
635 (L) Stuart Tuttlebury            Boundstone, Farnham, Surrey
1096 Maurice van Luipen            Address unknown yet
887 Greg Villis                          Banwell, Weston-super-Mare, Avon
175 (L) Mrs. D. Whaddon           Taunton, Somerset
1077 Brian Wafer                      St. Pauls Cray, Orpington, Kent
949 (J) John Watson                  Somerset
1019 (J) Lavinia Watson             Somerset
973 James Wells                      Shelbyville, KY 40065, USA
1055 Oliver Wells                      Yorktown Heights, New York, USA
1032 Barry Wharton                  Yatton, Bristol
553 Bob White                          Bleadney, Nr. Wells, Somerset.
1118 Carol White                      Cheddar, Somerset
878 Ross White                        Cotham
1092 Babs Williams                  Knowle, Bristol, Avon
1068 John Whiteley                   Newton Abbot, S. Devon.
1061 Kerry Wiggins                   c/o Dave Glover.
1031 Mike Wigglesworth            Wells, Somerset.
1087 John Williams                   Clapham
1146 Les Williams                     Prestleigh, Shepton Mallet, Somerset
1075 (J) Tony Williams              Leigh on Mendip, Bath
1076 (J) Roz Williams                Leigh on Mendip, Bath
1130 (J) Mike Wilson (snr)         Keynsham, Avon
1153 Mike Wilson (jnr)               Whitchurch, Bristol
559 (J) Barrie Wilton                  Haydon, Nr. Wells, Somerset
568 (J) Brenda Wilton                Haydon, Nr. Wells, Somerset
850 (J) Annie Wilton-Jones         Llanlley Hill, Abergavenny, Gwent
813 (J) Ian Wilton-Jones             Llanlley Hill, Abergavenny, Gwent
721 G Wilton-Jones                   Watton, Thetford, Norfolk
1112 Catherine Wood                Croyde Farm, Croyde, North Devon.
877 Steven Woolven                  West Chilington, West Sussex
914 Brian Workman                   Catcott, Bridgwater, Somerset
477 Ronald Wyncoll                  Holycroft, Hinkley, Leics.
683 Dave Yeandle                     Bristol.


CSCC Handbook and Box Mines

The CSCC handbook will shortly be published, however in the meantime Council would like to draw your attention to the request from the MOD regarding access to Box Stone Mine.


            Backdoor Entrance                    ST 8365 6930

            Lady Hamilton II Entrance           ST 8332 6874

            Jack's Workings Entrance          ST 8328 6862

This is the most extensive mine of its type and several rescues have been necessary in the past to find parties who had become lost.  Some areas of the mine are very unstable.  All the entrances are situated in woodland above and to the east of Box. There are no known access problems. Visitors are reminded that the entrances are all on private property and although there are no known requirements to gain permission, any requests by the landowner must be respected.  Some areas of the mine back onto MOD property and cavers are requested not to attempt to progress beyond the MOD barriers in the Wind Tunnel.  The MOD Police have requested that they are informed of any visits at least one hour in advance by a phone call to Copenacre Control Room on Hawthorn 810711

Membership Changes

We welcome six new members, who are: -

David Ball, Diana Ruth Baxter, Roy Farmer, Ian Marchant, Karen Turvey and Mr Wilson (Junior).

We also welcome two members who have rejoined the club.  These are: -

Rachel Clarke and Kevin Macklin.

All their addresses etc. are in the membership list.


Library News

Several developments - no messing - here they are, listed for idiots.

a)       New mega-survey of OFD purchased.  It's about 10ft long so too big to display anywhere. Trebor will photo-copy bits of it if anyone wants a certain section.

b)       After a few requests, I've asked our beloved Editor to publish a list of the Clubs and Groups we have reciprocal Newsletter exchanges with.  (See page 32. Ed.)

c)       The AGM decided that 2 months was the maximum time a book could be borrowed from the library.

d)       Guide books e.g. Mendip Underground, are not to be removed from the library.

e)       Pete Bolt has replaced one of the books he lost.  Hopefully we will get a cash donation for the second one which is probably irreplaceable.

f)        Stewi – where is ‘Darkness Beckons'?

g)       I’ve put on disc a list of all our principal books and a copy will be pinned to the back of the library door.  A printout sheet is available on request.  It will be added to as and if we get new books. I'll gradually put on other items such as Mountaineering books and Journals as and when I get time.

h)       Our collection of videos is increasing.  We now have the use of a second one, diving in Warbla Cave on the Nullarbor in Australia.  I will be purchasing some blank tapes in due course so we can copy existing caving/diving videos.  These will be rented out at competitive rates.



Caving Secretary's Update

Jeff Price

I am currently trying to arrange next year's BEC cave meets.  If anybody would like any particular caves booked, can they let me know as soon as possible.  In particular Yorkshire caves as some of them have to be booked and permits obtained.  I am going to try for one weekend away each month starting in December. You can ring me on; - 0272 724296.

The trips I am booking as yet are; - Penyghent Pot, Lost John's, Peak Cavern, Otter Hole and weekends in Devon, Derbyshire and Gower.

There are caving trips and/or digging trips every Wednesday, meeting at the Belfry at 7.30 pm. Leaders are always wanted for St. Cuthbert’s on Wednesday evenings!

We now have a new permit for OFD 2 and Cwm Dwr.  Just turn up at Penwyllt any time mid-week.  You need to pre-book by phone to arrange a key.

The St. Cuthbert’s keys will be changed in the near future, leaders will be notified.  (Not all key holders are leaders. Ed).  Also a St. Cuthbert’s leaders meeting is to be arranged.

There follows lists of members who are leaders for Mendip and/or S. Wales caves, the prospective expeditions in 1991 and the club meets so far arranged.  If any member's have been omitted from the leaders lists, can they please get in touch with me with their relevant details as soon as possible.


Expeditions - 1991

Crete (1 week)                                    Jeff Price

France PSM (2 weeks. June/July)        Jeff Price/Dany Bradshaw

Austria (last 2 weeks in August)           Richard Blake

Scotland (1 week)                               Tony Jarratt

Matienzo (Xmas - permit?)

Contact the leaders for more information.

Meets - 1991

Sat Jan 19th. Caves of Crook Peak.  Mendip. 9.30 am Belfry car park. Leader:- N. Taylor.

Sat Feb 9th. Rock & Fountain. Wales. From Belfry or R&F car park 10 o'clock (limited numbers). Leader: - M. Grass.

Sat March 9th. DYO. Wales. Belfry or DYO car park 9.30 for 10 (limited numbers). Leader: - Tim Large.

Sat May 18th. Wookey Hole evening trip.  B/suit, lamp/helmet etc.  A chance to poke around the upper series and general wander around.  Leader: - M. Grass.

June 15th Penyghent Pot

Many more to come when booked!

Mendip Cave Leaders


1.         Jeff Price
2.         Martin Grass
3.         Basset
4.         Dave Irwin


1.         Jeremy Henley
2.         Chris Smart
3.         Jeff Price



1.         Martin Grass
2.         Mike McDonald
3.         Basset
4.         Tim Large
5.         Richard Stevenson


1.         Martin Grass

O.F.D.  1

1.         Martin Grass
2.         Mike Palmer
3.         Richard Stevenson
4.         Basset
5.         Dave Irwin
6.         Brian Prewer
7.         Greg Villis

B.E.C. St. Cuthbert’s Leaders     December 1990

1          Chris Batstone
2          Chris Smart
3          Martin Grass
4          Andy Cave
5          Tim Large
6          Mike Palmer
7          Andy Sparrow
8          Greg Villis
9          Ian Caldwell
10         John Dukes
11         Ted Humphreys
12         Mike McDonald
13         Brian Prewer
14         Nigel Taylor
15         Basset
16         Chris Castle
17         Pete Glanville
18         Kangy King
19         Dave Turner
20         Brian Workman
21         Stuart McManus
22         Chris Harvey
23         Pete Hellier

If people want leaders for trips down St. Cuthbert’s they can either do it through me or contact one of the above leaders directly.

Jeff Price – Caving Sec.

St. Cuthbert’s Leaders Guest Leaders

1          John Beauchamp (MCG)
2          Alan Butcher (SMCC)
3          Tony Knibs (MCG)
4          Alison Moody (WCC)
5          Tony Boycott (UBSS)
6          Malcolm Cotter (MCG)
7          Ray Mansfield (UBSS)
8          Graham Price (CSS)
9          Miles Barrington (MEG)


Bristol Exploration Club - Exchange/Complimentary List 16/12/90

Axbridge Caving Group


BEC Library - 2 Copies

Biblioteca del Gruppo.  Speleogico Bolognese del CAI. Via Independenza 2.  40121 Bologna, Italy

Bradford Pothole Club

Cerberus SS

Chelsea SS

Croydon Caving Club


Devon SS

Dr. H. Trinwel., Obere Donaustrasse, Austria

Gloucester SS

Grampian SS

Grosvenor Caving Club

Hades Caving Club

Mendip Cave Registry

Mendip Caving Group

Northern Pennine Club

Plymouth Caving Group

Red Rose CPC


South African Spel. Assn., P.O. Box 6166, Johannesburg, South Africa



Wells Museum

Wessex Cave Club

West Virginia A.C.S.

Westminster SG