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CSCC Handbook and Box Mines

The CSCC handbook will shortly be published, however in the meantime Council would like to draw your attention to the request from the MOD regarding access to Box Stone Mine.


            Backdoor Entrance                    ST 8365 6930

            Lady Hamilton II Entrance           ST 8332 6874

            Jack's Workings Entrance          ST 8328 6862

This is the most extensive mine of its type and several rescues have been necessary in the past to find parties who had become lost.  Some areas of the mine are very unstable.  All the entrances are situated in woodland above and to the east of Box. There are no known access problems. Visitors are reminded that the entrances are all on private property and although there are no known requirements to gain permission, any requests by the landowner must be respected.  Some areas of the mine back onto MOD property and cavers are requested not to attempt to progress beyond the MOD barriers in the Wind Tunnel.  The MOD Police have requested that they are informed of any visits at least one hour in advance by a phone call to Copenacre Control Room on Hawthorn 810711

Membership Changes

We welcome six new members, who are: -

David Ball, Diana Ruth Baxter, Roy Farmer, Ian Marchant, Karen Turvey and Mr Wilson (Junior).

We also welcome two members who have rejoined the club.  These are: -

Rachel Clarke and Kevin Macklin.

All their addresses etc. are in the membership list.