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AGM Minutes

Minutes of the Annual General Meeting of the Bristol Exploration Club held at the Belfry October 6th 1990

The meeting was convened by the Secretary, Martin Grass, there being a quorum at 10.35.


Martin Grass, Bob Hill, Chris Batstone, Nigel Taylor, Kangy King, Dave Turner, Dany Bradshaw, Bob Cork, Mr Wilson, Nick Gymer. Kev Gurner, Sharon Beattie, Chris Smart, Glenys Grass, Richard Payne, Babs Williams, Jeff Price, Arthur Griffin, Stewie Lain, John Turner, Brian Prewer, Trevor Hughes. Mhairi Rands, Axel Knutson, Dave Aubrey, Terry Earley, Snablet, Ted Humphreys, Paul Hodgson, John Watson, Dick Fred, Steve Redwood, Andy Cave, S J McManus, Andy Middleton, Tim Large, Graham Wilton-Jones, Nick Sprang, Ian Caldwell, Matt Tuck, Mike McDonald, Rob Harper, Chris Harvey.


Pat Cronin, Alan Butcher, Nigel Dibben, Blake, Richard Steve Tuck, Dave Lennard, Lisa Taylor, Andy Sparrow, Sparrow, Steve Milner, Barry Wilton, Lavina Watson, Jeremy Henley, Miles Barrington, Brian Van Luipen.


Nominations were requested for Chairman of the meeting.  Bob Cork was unanimously elected, there being no other candidates.

Minutes of the 1989 AGM

Previously published in the BB and were taken as read.

Matters arising from the minutes

1.                  The Roy Bennett Memorial plaque had not been installed.  Tim Large said it was to be placed in Cerberus Hall but he was awaiting Joan Bennett to approve the wording.

2.                  Life Membership - The 1989-90 Committee had looked at this and decided to take each application separately.  It was stated on behalf of the Committee that they would only have considered members living overseas.

For acceptance of the 1989 AGM minutes by the meeting.

Proposed: Dany Bradshaw
Seconded: Martin Grass
Carried unam.

Secretary's Report

Previously published in the BB.

For acceptance of the report by the meeting.

Proposed: Chris Smart
Seconded: Nigel Taylor
Carried unam.

Hon Treasurer's Report

Previously published in the BB.

Discussions on the Belfry account ended in Nigel Taylor proposing that the next Committee look raising hut subs

Seconded: Bob Hill. Carried unam.

Tim Large asked where the money to publish the St. Cuthbert’s Report would come from.  It was reported that an appeal for pledges had been made in the BB and that the club was looking for donations.

Andy Middleton asked how well the September disco had gone  Blitz replied that it would appear on next year accounts but that it had made a profit of approximately £450.

For acceptance of the report by the meeting.

Proposed: Dany Bradshaw
Seconded: Trevor Hughes
Carried with one abstention.
Nil against.

Auditor's Report

The Chairman read out the Auditor's Report at the meeting.   This stated that the Treasurers accounts were a true representation of the finances of the club. 

For acceptance of the report by the meeting.

Proposed: Tim Large
Seconded: Dany Bradshaw
Carried with one abstention.
Nil against.

Caving Secretary's Report

Read at the meeting. To be published in the BB.

For acceptance of the report by the meeting.

Proposed: Rob Harper
Seconded: Dany Bradshaw
Carried unam.

Hut Warden's Report

Previously published in the BB.

Glenys Grass asked for a breakdown of bed nights by members and guests.  This was supplied by the Treasurer as 863 BEC, 54 Reciprocal, 575 Guest bed nights.  Blitz then proposed a vote of thanks to the Hut Warden for his hard work.  Seconded: Dany Bradshaw

It was stated however that the external hut site needs tidying up.

Carried unam.

For acceptance of the report by the meeting.

Proposed: Dany Bradshaw
Seconded: Stuart MacManus
Carried with two abstentions.
Nil against.

BB Editor's Report

Previously published in the BB

Mac then proposed a vote of thanks to the BB Editor for his hard work.

Seconded: Dany Bradshaw

Carried unam.

For acceptance of the report by the meeting.

Proposed: Dany Bradshaw
Seconded: Stuart MacManus
Carried unam.

Librarian's Report

Previously published In the BB

Books are still going missing, some are signed out and some are not.  Some considerable discussion ensued concerning access to the Library, which books could or could not be removed from the Library and the possible charging of deposits.

Nick Sprang then proposed the following: Any member failing to return Library items without good reason within a reasonable time will be subject to action by the Committee under section 3g of the Constitution.

Seconded: Dave Turner

An amendment was then made to the proposal to change "reasonable time" to two months.

Proposed: Nigel Taylor
Seconded: Bob Hill
Votes for the amendment.  For 28, Against 7, Abstentions 2
Votes for the amended proposal.  For 31, Against 3, Abstentions 1.

Trev Hughes then proposed that - Rare books may only be loaned out to members at the discretion of the Committee and that a deposit may be charged.

Votes for the proposal - For 8, Against 23, Abstentions 7

For acceptance of the report by the meeting.

Proposed: Dany Bradshaw
Seconded: Stuart MacManus
Carried unam.

Ian Dear Memorial Fund Report

A verbal report had been given by Snablet in his Caving Secretary's Report.  He reminded the meeting that £70 had been given to Richard Blake this summer to attend the BEC Dachstein expedition.  The following polite thank you from Richard was then read out to the meeting by Sharon Beattie:-

"I must thank the committee of the BEC and the trustees of the Ian Dear Memorial Fund for their generous contribution towards my trip to Austria.  May the fund help many more young cavers who find themselves in the position of being short of funds."

A proposal was then made by Mac that the BEC do not transfer any money to the IDMF this year.

Seconded: Nigel Taylor

Votes for the proposal - Carried with one abstention.

Dany Bradshaw proposed that the club publish in the BB prior to Xmas the details of the fund and the names of the trustees.  The new Caving Secretary will contact the trustees to ensure that they are willing to continue in this role.

Seconded: Stuart MacManus

Carried unam.

Hut Engineer’s Report

Previously published in the BB

The Treasurer pointed out that an incorrect figure appears in the Hut Engineer's Report.  The cost of insulating the loft should have read £350.

Dany Bradshaw asked if the fire regulations had been complied with.  Nigel replied that they had.  Dany Bradshaw further asked if the new Committee could double check this as work recommended by a previous fire officer had not been undertaken.

For acceptance of the amended report by the meeting

Proposed: Paul Hodgeson
Seconded: Dick Fred
Carried unam.

Membership Secretary's Report

Previously published in the BB

The outgoing Committee then put the following proposal to the meeting - That the subscription be raised to £16 for single membership and £24 for Joint membership.

An amendment was then made to the proposal such that the subscription be raised to £20 (single membership) and £30 (joint membership) with a £4 (single membership) or £6 (Joint membership) discount for subscriptions paid by December 31st.

Proposed: Dave Turner
Seconded: Graham Wilton Jones
Votes for the amendment - Carried with one abstention
Votes for the amended proposal - Carried with one abstention

The Committee also proposed that members who can not pay their subscriptions in one lump sum may apply to the Committee for stage payments.

Carried with three against and one abstention

For acceptance of the report by the meeting.

Proposed: John Turner
Seconded: Rob Harper
Carried unam.

The meeting adjourned for lunch at 12.30 and resumed again at 13.10.

1990-91 Committee

As no proposals for Committee posts had been received the Chairman asked for nominations from the floor. Jeff Price was proposed by Nigel Taylor and seconded by Chris Smart. Possible commercial interests/conflicts of interest were then asked to be revealed.  Chris Smart declared that he was the Treasurer of the Council of Southern Caving Clubs.

The following were then voted onto the Committee.

Martin Grass            one against
Stuart MacManus     unam
Chris Smart             two against
Nigel Taylor              unam
Chris Harvey            unam
Ted Humphreys        unam
John Watson            unam
Ian Caldwell             unam
Jeff Price                 unam

The Chairman then asked for nominations for the Committee posts.

Secretary - Martin Grass            Pro Nigel Taylor Sec Dick Fred               Carried with one against

Treasurer - Chris Smart Pro Dave Turner             Sec Nigel Taylor            Carried with two against

Hut Warden ­ Chris Harvey          Pro Rob Harper Sec Ian Caldwell            Carried unam

Hut Engineer - Nigel Taylor         Pro Chris Batstone         Sec Stuart MacManus    Carried with two against

Caving Secretary - Jeff Price Pro Stuart McManus            Sec Ted Humphreys       Carried unam

BB Editor – Ted Humpreys         Pro Rob Harper              Sec Sharon Beatie         Carried unam

Membership Secretary - John Watson Smart        Pro Dick Fred                Sec Chris Smart             Carried unam

Carried Tackle Master - Stuart McManus             Pro Chris Batsone          Sec Bob Hill        Carried unam

Floating member – Ian Caldwell               Pro Martin Grass           Sec Graham Wilton Jones

Carried unam

Non Committee Posts

Librarian - Mike McDonald                      Pro Stuart McManus      Sec Snablet                  Carried unam

Auditor - Barrie Wilton                Pro Stuart McManus      Sec Joan Bennett          Carried unam

St. Cuthbert’s Report

Kangy King read the report (St. Cuthbert’s Swallet Report Progress) to the meeting.

Dave Turner proposed that the BEC underwrite the pledges of money from any member to pay for the report and to guarantee to pay it back within five years.

Seconded: Dany Bradshaw.

An amendment was then made to the proposal by Nigel Taylor that the time limit be two years.

Seconded: Dany Bradshaw
Votes for the amendment - 18 for, 8 against, 12 abstentions.
Votes for the amended proposal - 20 for, 5 against, 8 abstentions.

Mac proposed that the incoming Committee decide on a mechanism for how the money will be paid back.

Seconded: Dave Turner
Votes for the proposal - 22 for, 0 against, 2 abstentions.

The Chairman proposed a vote of thanks to the Cuthbert’s Report working party.

Seconded: Dick Fred
Carried unam

St. Cuthbert’s Lease

A verbal report was given by Nigel Taylor.  The lease is now all signed, sealed and delivered.  A letter was read to the meeting from Andrew Sparrow regarding the clubs relationship with Walt Foxwell (letter dated October 5th 1990).  Ian Caldwell recommended that any feuding or problems with Walt be forgotten as soon as possible and left for time to heal the scars.

Members Resolutions

None had been received

Any Other Business

a)       The meeting asked that the requirements for St. Cuthbert’s leadership be published in the BB in the immediate future. 

Carried unam

b)       Dick Fred proposed that a day fees box be put in the Changing Room. 

Seconded: Ian Caldwell. 
Carried with two against.

c)       Dick Fred proposed that the Committee look into the feasibility of installing an automatic fire extinguishing system for the Library.

Seconded: Glenys Grass. 
Votes for the proposal - 14 for, 12 against, 4 abstentions.

There being no other business the Chairman closed the meeting at 14.16.