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Public Notice.

This is a public notice regarding Mrs Grass and Blitz who are "Just Good Friends".

The "Belfry Underground" mission states that after a long and exhausting investigation, we would like to state that: -

Glenys does not drag Blitz up stairs by a boat hook locked into his nose, slash his clothes off with a Stanley knife and nail him to the bed with 6" nails (He has never been a missionary).

Furthermore, she does not stuff a dirty diaphragm into his mouth and shave off all the hairs on his body with a blunt cut-throat razor!!

And there is definitely no substance to the rumour that Blitz has been hospitalised for severe cigarette burns to his nipples and other private parts!!

The truth is - he had an operation on his back!!

Anyone who persists in spreading rumours may be subject to birth and libel pains, or the aforementioned method of torture. WOW!!*?

P.S. Zot states that he is conducting courses on the above methods in the library.

. . . . . . . . . .. by our own investigative reporter

 (you know who! - Ed.)