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Vandalism In St Cuthberts

Ted Humphreys

For the first time ever in St. Cuthbert’s there has been deliberate destruction.  Two stalagmites in Victory Passage were smashed sometime this autumn.  One at the upper end, near the column with the fracture in it, and the other in the crawl just before the big part.  I think the culprit may be identifiable from the log and/or my suspicions.  I was absolutely horrified when I found them and was filled with foreboding as to what I might find further in.  Most of the bits are still there and can possibly be rebuilt.  Access to this beautiful and vulnerable (to morons) area may have to be reassessed.


I received the following plea from the heart from Greame Johnson (Bolt) at the beginning of December. Ed.

At the Belfry 11/11/1990. Two Bat Products Chloride Lamps and belts.  J'Rat's passed the ‘Streets are flowing with blood' phase, and is now into heavy breathing on the end of the phone.  I can't take much more.  Ring J'Rat or myself (Bolt) on Leicester (0533)861441 - Reverse Charges.

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