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Puck Suds - The Saga Continues.

This is an updated report to follow that published BB 453 (February 1990).

1990 started well with January seeing 8 trips.  54 loads of spoil out and 4.75 lb. bang used.  The last week of the month was noticeable for the atrocious weather which meant that the dig was given a wide berth!

By the beginning of February "Dipso" had been extended to some 30 feet and had taken a turn to the left - back along the strike.  This passage had also taken on the typical characteristics of the cave - flat out and wet!  During the month there were 10 trips.  100 loads to surface and 6 lb. bang used.  A good draught helped clear fumes and the shale roof was easily brought down to give more working space.  The long haul back to the entrance was becoming something of a minor epic but several temporary stacking spaces along the passage helped to ease the situation.

March was spent banging our way through several limestone pillars in "Dipso".  These separated the tiny streamway from an equally tiny upper tube.  90 loads reached surface and 6 lbs bang was used during 13 trips.  Some landscaping of the spoil heap was undertaken.

On April Fool's Day a misfire and visit by Dave "The Boy" Yeandle both seemed appropriate. During this month 65 loads carne out and 6 lbs. bang used over 9 trips.  Half of the work was concentrated on the dig site at the first bend in the cave where Skid Row begins - now named the "Corner Dig".  This would seem to be the original main passage of the cave but became completely mud choked.  On the original breakthrough there was no sign of this passage so the next three years were spent blasting out Skid Row!  By the end of April we had gained some 8 feet of relatively spacious rift passage, half full of water and very "porridgey" once digging commenced.  It's only saving grace was the short distance to drag bags back to the surface.

There were 9 trips in May, 69 loads and one dead rabbit reaching the surface and 2 lbs. bang used. Work was concentrated on the Corner Dig and at the end of the month we had about 12 feet of passage - at least 6 feet high in places but not excessively wide.  One of the Club hand pumps was used to drain the dig so that the floor could be more easily cleared.  On the 30th Tony Blick (CPC) again dowsed the site and confirmed his previous results, also finding a supposed passage heading to the N.E. at about 50 feet depth.

Work continued at both Dipso and Corner Dig during June when 8 visits took place.  62 loads carne out and 5 lbs. bang was fired.  By the end of the month the Corner Dig was 15 feet long, big enough to stand up in and relatively easy to work. Pumping was still necessary.

July saw only 4 trips when 36 loads were removed and 5lbs. bang detonated.  Since then only one working trip by the "Wendy's" has taken place due mainly to other projects notably in Eastwater Cavern. The onset of the rainy season means that little will be done here until next year when pumping and blasting at Corner Dig will continue.

More Diggers

D. Turner, J. Henley (missed from previous list to the extreme sorrow and embarrassment of the compiler).  A. Wllliams. B. Johnson and friends, I. Gregory, R. Blake, D. Yeandle, M. Wilson, C. Batstone, L. Williams, S. Taylor,  A. Garwood, S. Crook, J. Evans (All BEC).   G. Douglas, N. Webb, G. Duncan (SMCC).   N. Hawkes (WCC).  A. Farrant, S. Cottle, A. Gerrard (UBSS).