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Caving Secretary's Report, 1990

Peter McNab

This year has been quite a good year for new finds (well aren't they all).  Unfortunately not many on Mendip, but it hasn't been for want of trying.


Eastwater has been a hive of activity - digging in the Southbank, Primrose Pot, Morton's Pot and Hard Rain.  As well as digging, a clear up operation has been progressing.  You will remember Eastwater is one of our "Adopt a Cave's", St. Cuthbert's is also our adopted cave.  Another attempt to pump sump 2 clear was made.  Unfortunately, the pump wasn't up to it.  Cheddar has been dived.  Welsh's Green is still being looked at.

Lots of work has also been done in caves such as Bowery Corner, Wigmore, Swildon's, Lodmore, Smitham's Hill Dig and Ridge Lane.  Unfortunately it doesn't look like we're going to win the digging barrel this year unless, of course, we can recruit the Oxford into the BEC (They've just found 200m. in Dallimore's), but we've still got Bowery up our sleeves!


Daren Cilau has been visited regularly this year, what with Xmas Parties and Rescue practices the Rock Steady Crew still found time to dig, resulting in 300m. of new passage heading in the general (ish) direction of Aggy.  D.Y.O. has been frequented by the BEC a few times this year, mainly by Rob Harper and Pat Cronin.  I don't know what or how much their respective digs have gone but I'm sure we will find out soon.  Pwll-Pen-y-Mynydd is being dug by Tav and co.  They've found about 90 ft.

Abroad.  (don't believe the place-name spellings - Ed.)

The BEC have been getting there again.  Bob and Dany have been caving into the 90's in Vietnam and found loads of caves.  BEC spent the New Year in Matienzo, explored a new bit of passage but had to leave it at the bottom of a climb.  Two small teams went to the Dachstein.  The BEC pushed 100m. on Magnum Holen and found a new cave called Blieshprital Holen with a huge, partly descended, shaft "Notzant in Mirror Shades".  The NCC also went and found another new cave, Hieldon Holen - 16 pitches - 2 km. long. A return visit is planned for Xmas. Jim Smart has been in the Philippines again. Jim and some Filipino mates found the fourth longest cave in the country.  The BEC have been in Jamaica, Mexico, New Zealand and probably many more places I haven't heard about!