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Several developments - no messing - here they are, listed for idiots.

a)       New mega-survey of OFD purchased.  It's about 10ft long so too big to display anywhere. Trebor will photo-copy bits of it if anyone wants a certain section.

b)       After a few requests, I've asked our beloved Editor to publish a list of the Clubs and Groups we have reciprocal Newsletter exchanges with.  (See page 32. Ed.)

c)       The AGM decided that 2 months was the maximum time a book could be borrowed from the library.

d)       Guide books e.g. Mendip Underground, are not to be removed from the library.

e)       Pete Bolt has replaced one of the books he lost.  Hopefully we will get a cash donation for the second one which is probably irreplaceable.

f)        Stewi – where is ‘Darkness Beckons'?

g)       I’ve put on disc a list of all our principal books and a copy will be pinned to the back of the library door.  A printout sheet is available on request.  It will be added to as and if we get new books. I'll gradually put on other items such as Mountaineering books and Journals as and when I get time.

h)       Our collection of videos is increasing.  We now have the use of a second one, diving in Warbla Cave on the Nullarbor in Australia.  I will be purchasing some blank tapes in due course so we can copy existing caving/diving videos.  These will be rented out at competitive rates.