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This BB is not very Christmassy, I’m afraid.  Lost of people promised, articles and amusing snippets during autumn but few appeared. Things never change!  Anyway thanks to those who contributed and to Blitz who supplied me with Richard's ' Austria' article and the AGM minutes already on computer disk!

I suppose the biggest recent news is that we almost came close to winning the digging barrel this year. Richard Blake and Jake found 150' of new passage in St. Cuthbert’s leading from Marble Hall towards Lake Chamber.  They described it as loose and getting looser the further they went!  Unfortunately when Snablet went to investigate, the following Saturday, he had only penetrated about four feet into it when it all fell on him, smashing his hat, giving him some nasty bruises and leaving him shocked and mildly concussed.  He was lucky to get away that lightly!

I didn't get any serious volunteers to edit another BB Digest, ah well.

Other snippets of news (I might as well put them here as anywhere) are: -

Phil and Lil (Romford) are returning to the Mendips for good.  They should be here before Christmas.

December 30th is a clean up the Belfry day.  A working weekend will be held towards the end of January.

Another Disco is planned. I haven't got the details yet but think it's in late January or February.

If anyone finds any mistakes in the membership list, please let me know, especially if you know the addresses of non-life members where I've said 'address unknown'.

That's all for this year. I wish you all a Happy Christmas and a Merry New Year, or is that the other way round!

Annual Subs. - URGENT

As you will see from the AGM minutes the annual subscriptions were raised to £20 for single membership and £30 for joint membership.  However, only £16 and £24 respectively were due if paid before 31st of December.  The committee has extended the deadline for this rebate to 31st of January as some members won't know about the AGM until they receive this BB.


John Watson, Wells, Somerset