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Nigel's Dirty Weekend?

(or, The BEC Cleanup)

A monologue by Mike Wilson

We set our alarm for 7.30 and climbed out of warm cozy bed
Quick scoff down snap and coffee, we're off up Mendip T/shed
We arrived at the shed fairly early, to find mates all sitting intsun
"Hey Up" has anyone seen Nigel? He's got list of work to be done!!
Nigel arrived at 10.30 and we all got stuck in reet good!!
Babs cleaned out "crap" in toilet. Whilst Blitz hung a new door of soft wood.
Zotty had a grand row with Walter, and we all took his side in some way
Don't let him get away with it Zotty, he ne-er gave us his timber I'd say.
Come tea time it were rock cakes and biccies. All cooked by the "Dragon's" fair mitt.
Snap tin were guarded reet close like, in case Hannah got paws into it.
By midday tasks were progressing.  Shed were real shiny and bright!!
We're all looking forward T/barrel and slide show with Zotty tonight.
First of all there's a grand feast by Glenys. "Wow" what a blow out that became!!
Gorging spuds, garlic bread and beef wellie. Hurrah for chef Glenys "What's her name?"
Well it's time to put tools away tidy and say well done lads  "Proper Job".  Reet sad
It's too bloody hot in the Belfry.  Some idiots lagged roof space, Real Bad.