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Librarian's Report, 1990

Michael McDonald

Slowly progressing to some sort of order.  Various pictures are being prepared to go on the wall - Jill Tuck, Zot, J'Rat and his barrel in the Mineries plus cave photos and the odd decent survey of local prominent caves.  We are also at capacity so we need a few more units, especially to house Club Journals which in their own way are the most valuable source of reference material. Cataloguing is proving difficult as so much is missing and it's difficult to catalogue if you don't know what you're supposed to have in the first place.

BOOKS NOT BOOKED IN (as at 18th August)

Potholing by Heap.  Andy Sparrow since 20.4.89
Darkness Beckons by Farr (sic).  Stewi since 15.10.89
Mines of Mendip.  Pete Bolt since 9.12.89
Darkness under the Earth.  Jake since 21.1.90
Cheddar Climbs.  Brian Johnson since 1.3.90
Mendip Underground.  Pete Bolt since 3.3.90

I'm concerned at Darkness Beckons as it’s out of print and now a collector’s item, probably.  If we lose it getting another may be difficult. Return it please.  'Mendip Underground' is a guide reference book and should not have been removed anyway!

I might get rid of the photo-copier.  It's broken more often than not, is hardly ever used and takes up valuable space, which is at a premium.  Old Climbing etc. magazines are being stored in the attic for want of space.  Maps and surveys are now sorted and classified in the map chest.  Most of them are a little dated, so if anyone has any useful up-to-date material, maps, surveys etc. please let me have them.  Any other contributions also very appreciated.  'Expedition' box files have been made up ego Mexico, Jamaica, Perth, West Virginia etc. so if you have any snippets to add, or a load of bumff an anyone area, let me have it so I can add to the collection.  I feel much of our stuff is very dated, so we need constant modernisation of our collection and info.  We only have a limited budget for new books and this is usually spent replacing what is pinched or lost, so we need contributions from the membership to keep our library flourishing.  Has anyone got any spare plastic covers for the two library strip lights?  The two I got off the back of a lorry are just too small.


Membership Changes

We welcome seven new members, who are: -

1141       Gary Jago. Farrington Gurney
1142       Angela Garwood. Cathays. Cardiff
1143       Jane L. Evans. Roath. Cardiff
1144       Sophie Crook. Roath. Cardiff
1145       Roz Bateman, East Harptree. Bristol. Somerset
1146     Leslie Robert Williams, Prestleigh. Shepton Mallet, Somerset
1147      Simon Benedict Taylor, Draycott. Cheddar, Somerset