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Membership Secretary's Report. 1990

John Watson

This year will be my 4th year as membership secretary and each year late payment of subscriptions is a problem.  This year more than most!  The need for a new stove and other expenses has left the club extremely short of funds, especially at the start of the club year.  Prompt payment of subscriptions would alleviate this problem considerably. I would like to remind all members that subs. are due after the A.G.M. (1st weekend in October).  To avoid the unnecessary expense of sending B.B.'s to members who do not wish to rejoin this year, no one will receive a B.B. after the 1st of January (i.e. 2 months after the A.G.M.) if they have not paid their subs.

On a brighter note membership is up again on the previous year.  Although some have fallen by the wayside, a few older members have rejoined after a slight lapse.