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B.B. Editor's Report. 1990

Ted Humphreys

Only five BB's have been produced again this year.  I keep scratching my head for ways to attract more material!  We have currently about 225 members in the club but over the last year only 25 or so have contributed to the club journal (and this number includes all the committee members!).  To those 25 thank you very much your contributions were much appreciated by all. As for the other 200 members - how can I get you to put pen to paper?  Even if you no longer do mammoth super-severe trips, there must be some unrecorded caving exploit(s) that would interest members.  Everything ought to be recorded, even if it’s only for posterity!

Perhaps I should quote some statistics about the BB.  The current print run per copy is 250 (I always have a few left over).  I did try reducing the number to 240 once and some clubs on the exchange list missed out.  When the BB arrives from the printers, J'Rat kindly volunteers to hand out as many as possible before the remainder are posted (Thanks J'Rat!). The number posted is about 120. This is an important number - if it’s less than 120 I have to stick the stamps on and get very gluey - 120 or more and the Post Office franks them.  The number of pages per issue drops as the year progresses, from 33 at Xmas to 14 in August, being directly related to the amount of material available (perhaps the editor should hoard articles - were it only possible!).

Although being Editor involves many hours sitting at this keyboard, I have quite enjoyed the experience and would be prepared to continue next year if the club so desires.

Hut Warden's Report, 1990

Chris Harvey

The year started well with quite a few bookings from Clubs who normally stay.  During the second half of the year the bookings dropped off somewhat and seem to have levelled out on a low.  The reasons for the decline in bookings in my opinion are as follows:-

1)       The general condition of the Belfry leaves a lot to be desired.

2)       Working weekends must be more frequent as the place is deteriorating rapidly. 

3)       Only a small number of members are keeping the place clean and up together.

4)       Babs says members are nice.

We have had no service bed-nights again this year.  This is due to some of the points mentioned above in my opinion.  On a positive note, Roger has put his beer up again.