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Caving Secretary's Report, 1990

Peter McNab

This will be read out at the A.G.M.  Snablet has written it but keeps leaving it in Bristol or goes gallivanting all over the place doing silly things like caving!  I left this big space for it and now, since I need to get it to the printers as soon as possible, I haven't got anything that fits - Ed.

Tackle Master's Report. 1990


The tackle located within the Belfry store has been in constant use as usual.  The quality of the lifeline ropes has been reviewed with the outcome of two additional ropes (1 x 45m. and 1 x 20m.) being purchased, the existing ropes have either been scrapped or cut into shorter lengths. Tackle bags have also been provided to carry lifeline rope and so protect it from damage within the cave. Please remember to use these tackle bags.  Ideally I would have liked to have bought more life lining rope but due to club finances being low this will have to wait until the next financial year when additional ropes and tackle bags will be provided.

The only real complaint I have is that ropes and ladders are sometimes being left dirty and lying in the Belfry changing room.  I would appreciate if members would assist by either making the culprits see the errors of their ways or I would ask members if they see any tackle lying around the hut please would they clean it and hang it up to dry within the store, after all it is your tackle!

The SRT rope which is kept by the Tackle Master has not been used that much over the last year.  Their main use has been on expeditions abroad. (Matienzo at Xmas and Austria this summer).  Perhaps this reflects the lack of organised or other trips by club members to Yorkshire etc.  Remember the ropes can be used for trips on Mendip as well.  Newer members may not be aware of the SRT rope and so I have taken the opportunity to list it at the end of this report.

The club has bought four 10m. ladders during the year and these together with two ladders donated by a member of the club are also kept by the Tackle Master for use on home or away trips.  I would appreciate it if members borrow this ladder for away trips, to ensure that some tackle is left in the Belfry store for other members to use.

It would be appreciated if organisers of expeditions book tackle in advance so that rope and ladder can be made available to other members whilst you are away.

Members have been donating old rope for digging and it would be appreciated if these members would hand them to the Tackle Master, and not just put them in the store as, believe it or not, old SRT rope etc. sometimes finds its way onto the active lifelining hooks! I would therefore prefer to hold on to the digging rope myself and issue it to members who will know exactly what it is for rather than leave it in the store.  I do have quite a few 100 feet of rope available for digging purposes, so please diggers don't hesitate - come on down!

Equipment held by Tackle Master.

SRT Rope.

1.         54m. Blue Water
2.         18m.
3.         33m.
4.         40m.
5.         100m.
6.         40m. Edelrid
7.         Rope Protectors.
8.         Tackle Bags.
9.         Hangers and Maillons.


4 x 10m.  Ladders
2 x 25 ft.

Survey Equipment.

3 sets of Clino and Compasses.
1  30m. Survey tape.

Other Items

1 Cement Mixer
(For Hire on a day rate)

Please contact Tackle Master two weeks in advance of any trip to organise issue of tackle.