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B.E.C. Secretary's Report, 1990

Martin Grass

This year I honestly believe the club had one of its best committees for many years and much work has been started and more importantly completed.  The most important of these has been the signing of the St. Cuthbert's lease which now means we are responsible for a large area surrounding the cave.  This year should also see the publication of the long awaited St. Cuthbert's report. Everything is ready for the printers and it should be available for Christmas.  Thanks to everyone who has worked extremely hard on these two projects.

As can be seen from the Hut Engineer's report a lot of work has also been carried out on the Belfry, it is just a sad fact that work it is normally the same people doing all the work.

I have not found the post of secretary to be too taxing as most of the hard work has been handled by the other committee members (it's called delegation).  I have had the usual letters from prospective members etc. to deal with and the usual minute-writing which Glenys Grass has typed.  A big thank you to her for this.

Unfortunately this year has seen a deterioration of our relationship with our neighbour Walt. Mainly over his various tree felling activities in the Plantation. Hopefully our lease to this area will stop this type of destruction.

I have always maintained that continuity on a committee is very important and I am prepared to stand for secretary next year.  I also hope that the majority of my fellow committee members will stand and hopefully, some of the younger club members so we can get into a position of having new committee members each year but not having to change the whole line up which I believe adds to confusion.

Finally we have had a meeting every month this year and the attendance is as follows (10 meetings up to August)

Martin Grass                 8
Nigel Taylor                  8
Chris Smart                  10
Ian Caldwell                  8
Ted Humphreys             9
Chris Harvey                 9
Stuart McManus           8
John Watson                8
Peter McNab                5