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The big push in Cuthbert’s was a success in so far as the power cable and telephone from the Belfry to Sump 2 and the electric pump actually worked.  Unfortunately the pump could not handle the glutinous stuff at the bottom of the sump so the attempt was abandoned.  Plans are afoot, however, for further efforts.

The 60's/70's disco was a great success and enjoyed by all who came.  There was a report on a local radio station the following morning that an 'acid house' party on Mendip was raided by police but that no arrests were made. The BEC disco was visited by the constabulary but the suggestion that this was the party referred to is, of course, a wild exaggeration and totally untrue!

Last year I included the treasurer's report and club accounts in the BB and was told that this was wrong as these should be available only to members.  This year, therefore, they are produced separately. Those of the members who have their BB's posted to them will get their copy with it.  The rest can get them from any committee member.

In June 1959, the club published the Belfry Bulletin Digest Number One (price three and sixpence) edited, I believe, by Bryan Ellis.  This contained a selection of the better material that had appeared in the BB up to that time, I think it's time that Digest Number Two appeared with a selection from 1959 onwards and also, maybe, some of the items from the first digest. It makes fascinating reading the discovery of Stoke 2 - the discovery of the Ifold series - the ingredients for a Belfry Binder etc ... If there are any budding editors among you, step forward and be recognised!  I'd help out with the typing, to get it all on disc.  The club might even make a profit!

Please could I have contributions for the Christmas BB.

There are no articles whatsoever in hand and an attempt is always made to make the Christmas edition a special one. Anything would be welcome – articles, anecdotes, puzzles, games, cartoons, jokes, poems etc ..