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CSCC AGM May 12th, 1990

The CSCC AGM this year was a fairly quiet affair with little of note.  However the subject of training reared its (ugly?) head again and member clubs are being asked to consult their members as to their needs and requirements. Currently the NCA has in the region of £2000 to be spent on caver training and the CSCC is considering holding a weekend in the autumn covering topics such as cave photography, SRT, An aspect of practical First Aid awareness. etc .....  But I hasten to say these are only suggestions.  The CSCC needs to now as to the extent of demand, if any and for what.


The CSCC were informed the both Cow Hole and Ubley Hill Pot are no longer accessible as the entrance depressions have been filled in.  This has been going on for some months but has only just been noticed - an indication of the popularity of the two sites?

Wessex Challenge 1990

The Wessex challenge is to be at The Belfry this year and will be on Saturday, June 23rd at 7.30 pm.  The fancy dress theme is - Civil Wars.

Tickets are £4.00 and are available fromany committee member.  Zot says that the pig is organised!