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A news flash just in from the Netherlands ......

Born on Sunday 18th March 1990 a daughter and sister, Jennifer Carmen to Bob, Marijke and Angela Hill.


Some quotes from Lisa Taylor who is currently working in South Africa

"Managed to write off a company car the first week I was here!"   "Christmas Day, we all went water skiing and we also managed to pack in a little wind surfing, barbecuing and playing on a giant water slide"

"Did I tell you I went caving with Colin Priddle down a hole called The Knocking Shop.  What a hole.  Porcupine quills in the entrance that was a tight wriggle.  It then opened up into the most beautifully decorated cave I've ever seen."

The Working Saturday

The committee would like to record their very grateful thanks to the people who turned up and participated so fully in the recent working Saturday.  It was a small but very select bunch of friends who managed to transform the Belfry into something not resembling its usual slum appearance. It is wrong to single people out for special attention but would you have spent 3 hours cleaning, disinfecting and painting the small toilet as Babs did?  Would you have had the nerve to paint the large bunkroom that oh so subtle shade of blue that Lavina chose?  Would you have had the civil engineering expertise to build the speed bump, where the cattle grid used to be, quite so high.  Would you have slaved over a hot stove for days before, as Hilary did, to provide the working Belfryites with a never ending supply of cakes and biscuits? Similarly the food in the evening, with just the merest hint of 5 garlic bulbs, provided by Glenys was especially welcome as were the slide shows by Zot  (The Antarctic and Penguins I have loved), Blitz (Oh No, not more cone karst!) and Skippy, (Why are all my bridge jumping slides upside down?) with his show after the pub.

Indeed we liked it so much that we are going to do it all again this summer and combine as a barbecue and exterior painting session.  Lets hope we see a few more faces this time.  Grateful thanks to:

Mike and Hilary Wilson, Martin and Glenys Grass, Lavinia and Quiet John, Blitz, Nigel Taylor, Zot, Mac, AlanThomas, Stuart, Graham Johnson, Dick Fred, Nick Gymer, Kevin Gurmer, Carol White, Jeff and Babs, Slug and finally last but not least Arthur.